Knights of Magenta


    Knights of Magenta or Cavalieri di Magenta,
    is a guild that aims to promote healthy play and friendship between all members and the whole community, without leaving aside the competitive part for those who wish to explore this part of the game.

    The Knights of Magenta, forged by the battle from which they are named, are soldiers who have sworn to assist and protect travelers, in doing so they need to educate the young players of the game, promoting a fair play game and sharing with them knowledge. The collection and conservation of knowledge will be a pillar of the guild. Learning, conserving and sharing the learned knowledge of the guild with the players will be a task that all members will have to support, within the limits of their possibilities.

    The guild's PVP mechanics will be aligned to self-defense and protection of the weakest. Guild vs Guild, in respect of fair play, are allowed activities.

    A secondary objective is the foundation of a city from which it will be possible to coordinate the guild's operations, if the growing number of users requires it.

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