A few bugs I found.


    1. As a unaligned player trying to party with a militia player not able to join party as intended. However I can pick up loot from Goblin Shaman / Warchief etc as if I was but not get the knowledge from it as if I was in a pseudo party.

    2. I walked away from my character sleeping at a fireplace for 30 mins and when I came back to walk around i just slid around the floor in my 2x2 house without ability to interact with anything.

    3. I put my hand cart in an unfinished building as I was doing the supports to spend less time walking. The floor went from dirt to blue (ie can build but not finished) and my handcart appeared to be stuck there. Unsure if a bug but might have been me too dumb not to rotate it because it was close to a wall.

    That is what i found thanks for letting me test the game.

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