List of bugs i found so far

  • List of what i found till now (if i do typos i'm sorry, i can eventually explain those in italian or french too if needed):

    1. You can craft whatever(not talking about buildings but equipment) even if not near a workbench
    2. Sometimes able to gather stuff without waiting for the fullfilling of the bar (moving ex)
    3. Sometimes trees show the branch button (which you can use to gather) even if there are no branches left
    4. The map is showing "invisible" road paths (no road while running)
    5. Some monsters i've killed seem to cover others resulting in no loot available on them

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    A home in the middle of the road XD! Some lucky guy got it aswell.

  • Another bug I noticed is some monsters I had killed were standing on the ground dead, then I took my path to the road, come back and they acted as I killed them while passing (smashing on the ground dead again), unfortunately I wasn't able to screenshot there, it was at goblins' hills, 1goblin Archer and 2 wolves.

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