Multiple Bugs + Enhancement Ideas


    Bug List:

    • Sometimes, skills will be on a "cooldown" but the cooldown timer will not be displayed (possibly due to lag)
    • Instance when attacking with Left Click and then pressing right click (maybe holding right click) and opening your inventory will cause your character to continue attacking
    • Some areas where there are fallen yellow + red leaves will cause a graphical glitch where two leaves ontop of one another will flicker between red and yellow
    • World Map will display a road in certain areas-- road does not exist in-game
    • Minimap does not display the road as the world map will
    • Road-speed bonus is given to areas without a road present (road only displayed on world map)
    • Lag (obvious) of rubber-banding
    • FPS drops a lot from running from one location to another (may be associated with lag/world loading)


    • Left click should be mostly actions, right clicks for attacks (or vice versa)
    • Trees should "disappear" when a character is behind it to select items on the ground
    • Autorun feature would be nice
    • WASD Movement would be a great addition
    • More drag and drop features
    • More tooltips "hover-over" on objects to know what the workbench/tanning tub/etc actually are prior to interaction
    • Skeletons should not run as fast as current speed, but not as slow as the zombies
    • Item comparison to what is currently equipped
    • Ability to resize UI elements (tutorial words extremely small on 1920x1080 on 70" TV)
    • "Knowledge Levels" for all items (AKA use cotton more, more knowledge in cotton that can give bonuses including higher quality items created)

    Overall, I enjoyed the idea of the survival game style, but without a more robust "RPG" elements to the game, such as knowledge levels for items for better quality gear, there won't be much of an "end-game" experience other than PvP since player levels does not exist (which is not a bad thing, just wish there was some sort of "Character progression":other than knowledge points for skills and talents.


    Oopse, forgot one major bug:

    • There is no character limit for chat, seems infinite. This could be exploited in many different ways, even possible crash to server

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