Combat Aspects & PvM Difficulty

  • Greetings. If developers (and like-minded fellow players) are reading, below I wish to suggest three very important game aspects:

    1- I think I speak on behalf of every support main when I humbly ask you to give us am effective support/healer spell collection. Seeing Restoration and Abjuration schools in the spotlight was quite satisfying. We would love to have decent talents, support spells and debuffs, that will make us feel accomplished when used correctly. As well as making support characters sought after and celebrated.

    2- PvM oriented playerbase would rejoice if there were very challenging open world bosses that require several players to handle (raid style). This would promote both teamplay and social (even political) bonds to be formed.

    We would love to face extremely difficult bosses which have hard mechanics that punish us if we do not perform well; that require correct timing and magic school usage, as well as gear choices. This would make us feel more proud with our skills and efforts. It is as good a reward as the high tier items dropped by those bosses. Please do not make us fight a puny boss that goes down in 30 seconds.

    3- For the crafting focused players, please consider sprinkling a few dozen, random-area-spawn, difficult minibosses which drop rare materials/items. This would not only encourage people to explore the map fully and seek out those special monsters and grind, it would also create an incentive for people to gang up on those minibosses to be able to obtain those rare materials, and further advance their crafting skills and expand their repertoire.

    If these have already been decided upon, and are works in progress, I praise you. If not, please consider these aspects so as to give us some combat challenges, and a compelling reason to spend more time and serious effort on building our characters. Thank you for reading.

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