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    Let me start with, I enjoyed the game and all of it's facets. I started with building my house and making the armor I wanted. I built near the gobbie hills as I was player number 216 to join the world this Alpha. House creation is a little bit of a drag, you cannot leave anything inside the house before the 'floor' is built as it will not be 'movable' after. (so leave ur cart outside!) There was a few times, the item descriptions in my inventory would persist after moving off of them and I would have to click on another item in order for it to reset.(not a big deal) I had lots of fun enchanting items for the enemies I would be facing. ie. fire protection for when I was facing gobbies in the hills (specially the shaman) then later, Magic resist, Mana & endurance regen.(Caster Class). I learned 49 different skills and faced all of the baddies out there. Learning skills from the enemies you faced was nice, I would like to see a 'hidden book' or 'stone tablet' that must be found in order to learn something that few others could find, but I am sure more of that will come.
    After building my house and making armor, I went to fight gobbies. The shaman's fireball and totem were a hassle at first, but prepping the right armor and eventually learning the right skills, he was easily 100% Knowledge! I, as well as many others, used the fire totem to destroy their foes, the issue I have with the totem is that if someone else had a totem in ur party, it was an enemy for the totems to attack each other and not the actual enemy. Party's totems should play nicer with each other.
    While facing the gobbies, I met a fellow adventurer and quickly created a guild and invited her. It was easy to do and I am anxious for more guild functions as they are made available. I also partied with her and we moved to the Heartwood to kill wisps. This was all before the 'open to all backers' and the wisps were pretty easy. Let me say that, running through this land is a tedious pain in the arse, you think you can make it somewhere only to be stuck upon a small hill with no way to get down. The wisps changed this for me, I learned relocate (which I never saw them use) and was able to travel much faster by moving up and down the small hills with ease. I also reached the highest point of the 'fogged' vale just to say that I did it. There was a wall or black drop off from the map as the developers didn't intend on us to be there.
    After hitting the vale and the Undead spiders, it was time for everyone to join.(open to all backers) The world began filling up and my small guild of 4 made it to 15 in short order. Wisps (and other mobs) became much harder, had loot (yay!) and life in game became a much harder prospect solo. I met up with players and grouped to kill the last remaining monsters in my knowledge book. I didn't get 100% for all, but most I came across, I got up to at least 70%. (black bear 30%...)
    I hope to see food take on a different role, like being able to make a cherry pie or something that will give a temporary stat boost, etc.
    I slept quite a bit, changing my skills on the fly while changing area's to face different enemies. I ran just about everywhere looking for new enemies, spending hours to get to the different points of interest, the porting feature in the future would be nice to have.(or at least a warg to ride!)
    Issues I found whilst playing;
    I need a way to find my group easier, I can work with the /loc but if someone is in your group, I think we should be able to see them on the map.
    Map 'tacks' should be made available. If I find that an area has a mob I want or resource that is abundant, I want a 'tack' for that on my map.
    Obviously, splitting stacks would be nice.
    Making a backpack that could either store more stuff or make it a % lighter.
    Skills: If I have 28 skill points and memorize 10 skills, I should be able to use those without switching out spells on my hotbar. I found that I had to limit myself to 7 skills and my bandages at all times.
    Some of the skills didn't really define how much damage I would do. Int +50 * 1.5 is great, but "100 Fire Damage" would be better.(or a combo of them both)
    Toward the end of the Alpha I got some pretty big lag spikes. Not sure why, but the rest of the alpha was smooth.
    80% of the time, I couldn't connect to the server to get in game. But a second attempt got me right in.
    It would be nice if we could be 'in game' before our character was noticeable by enemies, a few times I had to quick log out and when I hopped back on, I was dead.( I understand it is my fault for logging in a bad area )
    What I liked:
    Just about everything!
    How things took time, even though it is a pain, it would be in reality as well.
    Crafting different sets of armor using different resources.
    Enchanting to get just the right stuff for my next adventure.
    Meeting adventurers and grouping to take down enemies to gain knowledge
    Exploring to find the next unknown enemy
    How time flew while I was playing, a sign that I am having fun.

    Lastly I want to say that I introduced the game to my wife, who played a melee class for a bit. I watched her and assisted in crafting, enchanting & adventuring. She lit up every time I asked if she wanted to play. I told her, "I want to see this game from a new players perspective." She had some thoughts, that when the Dynamite crew opened the Alpha up to all backers, they cleared up.(mostly that you couldn't fight near a tree because if you clicked on it you would have to chop it down to get to your enemy) Beyond that, she got so engrossed that 4 hours passed and she felt like it was an hour.

    Anxiously waiting for the next iteration.

    Mesu Lemi

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