Looking for a group of professional mercenaries?


    Look no further than Glims mercenaries. We are a beastmen oriented guild of mercenary professionals. Take a look and apply if you’re interested.

    ”Looking for protection? Look no further! Glim's Mercenaries are the crew for you. guaranteed protection against; Bandits, beasts, scary demons, angry ex spouses and all the rest. When you want your wellbeing protected, no price is too high! Glim's mercenaries, WE protect YOU, for YOU.”

    We are widely known as the largest mercenary guild as we have been active since the beginning.
    We can’t wait for fractured to be fully released so we can help people out with all sorts of issues!

    We are open to many jobs including guarding your towns, escorting caravans, maybe even taking out rivals.

    Hope to see you in the family soon!
    Sincerely, Glimheim Barrows.


    @WhoAteTheCat I’ve sent a request.


    Awesome! Can’t wait to see you in game.

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