Notes and Suggestions for the latest test


    These are some notes from my first few hours of the test. (will update as needed)
    First, I love the new mage staff and that quests take you through making your first set of armor. Magic users were needing a basic mage weapon.

    Tutorial Notes:
    • Quests show all markers at once and don’t inform the player which to visit first.
    • Quests don’t say what a player needs to do at the marked location (gather, use a station, etc)
    o Notable Example is the quest “Healing Provisions”. It direct you to a field, but not what to do there.
    • Quests lack descriptions of how to do things (How to rest, how to learn the new skill, how to make the item, etc)
    o Again with “Healing Provisions”, it does not say how to craft a bandage.
    • Quests to not check currently inventory for already gathered or crafted items.
    o This leads to having to repeat steps if done out of order.
    • “The Adventure Begins” asks you to visit dangerous and far off locations when that may not be the aim of the player
    o Perhaps change to an option quest outside of the tutorial.

    Inventory Suggestions:
    • Crafting button appears grayed out. Suggest changing the color.
    • Inventory needs sort options
    o Notably soft by ingredient type, such as edible or enchanting.
    • Enchanting table needs a sort of highlight option for ingredients
    o Sorting through an inventory full of stuff to find items with “Air” is tedious and time consuming.

    Other Notes:
    • Traveling is still a bit iffy, with things rooting and murdering you before you can do much.
    • It’s very easy to accidentally shoot things. Keep this in mind when adding NPCs or laws regarding harm.
    ~Bodies needs an indicator that they are lootable.

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