Thearyn is here! - Come join me as we carve out our own Kingdom - PvP, Economic and PvE players welcome!


    Greetings Fractured community!

    We are a group who seek to carve out our own domain in this promising game - A little backstory for context is needed.

    Thearyn was a "Duchy" in a now cancelled game (Chronicles of Elyria) but over the span of a few years I have been following it we created a moderately large, active community that has a large skill base to utilise from the playerbase.

    Ouro Thearyn.png

    So backstory out of the way here is the overview of the Group.

    We seek to either build or conquer a number of towns for the group clustered together if possible then rule it as a kingdom (either in-game mechanics or meta) with other groups as vassal states if they want to join us but want there own identity for the town.

    I work via getting everyone to follow the Primary objective of the group whilst allowing people to fully go for there secondary objectives, hence why all races are welcome.

    We will utilise whatever meta strategy is best for achieving our goal of acquiring settlements, then utilise our discord network to co-ordinate them.

    All playertypes are welcome, as long as you can work as a team.

    Important Links

    Guild Page

    Discord Link (when you join, make sure you say are from Fractured. we are in the process of reorganising the Discord now that CoE got cancelled.)

    feel free to contact me directly on discord - my discord ID is Varuian Maulvorn 🐎|⍲| -#1062


    This post is deleted!

  • Your vassalage is welcome, Sicarius.


    Maulvorn, dang that didn't take long.

  • @Sith no rest for the Wicked.

  • Any questions feel free to PM me!

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