Fractured Content Pills - Week 52, 2019

  • Just a question - will such menacing monsters like Undead dragon be soloable, when so far players had troubles with goblin shaman and some even with wolves ? Probably gonna take party, right 😄
    Aside of weaknesses, will undead monsters have any kind of "Achiless´s heel" like in many games, where they were either less resistant to some element (mostly fire), material (silver swords for example) or could gods help us (clerics in ADaD 2 were almost specialised in destroying undeads)?


    @asspirin well i soloed the shaman in the test at some point with just 2 extra spells after the starter kit 😉
    to the undead: i believe i read somewhere that they will take damage from healing spells but can't remember if we know anything about resistances yet

  • @Shivashanti yep, he doesn´t look that much hardcore (only dangerous thing he has is his totem > fireball combo as totem reduces your resists), but not experienced guys will sure get pwn...and many did. Anyway good job sir 👌

    Healing spells damaging undeads - i wouldn´t be surprised, this has been in many games, but against beefy dragon id rather save healing spell for myself (unless there is some kind of huge multiplier of damage...and of course if healing spells can crit at least when used offensively).


    Yeh me and my friend found it very easy to solo shaman with bow especially, but thats only because we used two people and kited it for awhile


    As a mage it was also quite easy dodge all fireballs and kill the creature. Then when gettin the fire immune spel it could be done with zero risk. I also think the fire immune ward is too powerfull aswell giving 100% resist.


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