Dùath port town of Arboreus


    Since the test is coming to a close I want to thank everyone who participated in building and maintaining Dùath.
    I hope you will join me in the city during the next test as well.
    Until then I whish everyone a nice Christmas time and to stay strong and healthy during this chaotic times! 💪 🙌

    Cheers Lil


    All, Dùath is still a thriving town of Beastfolk and shaved skins. Come on over to join us in discord, the tests are fun and corporative with this group!


    Yeap!! Dúath is run by The Moonshadow Dryads. If you find our guild recruitment post, or if you contact me or @LilCassiopeia , you can get a link for an invite to our discord!!


    you guys active for this alpha? completely new to the game, but there will probably 4 of us trying it


    Hello together,

    Duath is still very much alive and very active!
    The Guilds The Moonshadow Dryads, Legends of our Times and Kaos have joined forces to build up Dùath.
    You can find us as marked below just west from the southern starting point.


    We have all been working very hard to be able to rank up the city and unlock new techs to progress further.
    We are currently not accepting any citizens as a safety precaution for the resources we have gathered and placed in chests in town, however, there are still plenty of available land claims around if anyone wishes to become a resident! All of the crafting facilities in the town are available to residents, and you won't have a need to worry about the town upkeep. However, if you do feel like you should help with upkeep, we can make a few public chests for you to donate food in.
    If you wish to claim a plot to call your own, it will cost 2000 gold, and has an upkeep of 1000 gold per week. This unfortunately can't be changed, even by the governor.
    Hope to see you all in-game!!

    Cheers Lil

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Enjoy your new smelters 😉

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