Quite a bit of the coding changes had effects beyond connectivity

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    October 13th Testing Experience

    Note: I tried to not post anything I've seen in other places. I marked down changes to the various systems that I noticed while testing, for better or for worse.

    I had a lot of fun. There were not new features, but they were all freshly coded giving plenty of things to test!


    Fleshing Beam

    • Built and worked perfectly 😁

    Tanning Tub (leather curing)

    • Built Correctly 😁
    • Friends could not access it 😁
    • Crafting window opened for me. 😁
    • Leather could not be added, making crafting of anything requiring cured leather (Leather Chest, Better Armor) 😭


    • Didn't make one, since I didn't have animal fat (only currently available from bears, which I did not find or kill) or cured leather to make either poisons or advanced armor 😔


    • Food and rest worked as expected. 😁
    • They now disappear after what felt like only 10 minutes, even on a claim. 😶

    Hand Crafting: Clothes, Weapons, Tools

    • Didn't notice a single issue here 😁



    • Wooden Chest
      • Built successfully 😁
      • Could not access chest inventory 😭
      • Could not successfully move (Option was available, but would fail despite showing many locations as blue.) 😭
      • Did not attempt to destroy so that may work 😶
    • Leather Chest
      • Placed blueprint 😁
      • No cured Leather (see tanning tub above) 😭
    • Large Wooden Chest
      • Would not place inside or outside of the building in any position, even with plenty of clearance 😭

    Move / Destroy functions for items in claims

    • I only attempted to move a single item (wooden chest) which did not work 😭
    • Chest showed more valid options for movement than the original blueprint 😶
    • Blueprints still cannot be moved or destroyed 😭

    Blueprint / item rotation

    • I did not test if a turned house will allow bricks to be added to the foundation
    • Nothing I turned had an error, but I didn't test every item 🙂
    • Blueprints are the only menu I cannot find a shortcut key for 😔

    Improved blueprint snapping

    • Blueprints have a strange idea of what makes a valid placement, with most not allowing side by side placement of any item. 😭
    • The above-mentioned rules are even less clear than they were in Alpha 1 - Test 2, with some items not placing when it was a valid placement in the previous version and others now allowing placement that was not previously legal 😭


    Weapon poisoning

    • Animal Fat is quite rare, I wish wolves would drop it at least as a rare resource until other animals that drop it are added. 😔

    Monsters: Spiderling, Giant Spider, Black Widow, Crawling Horror, Ghoul

    • I didn't check if these now have proper loot tables, which they lacked in Alpha 1 - Test 2.
    • Black wolf was always hard to kill alone / as a magician, but it felt like his health bar was refilling at points, or at least not going down. Perhaps the magic resistance is extremely high. They still die with the help of a friend. 😶

    Spells: Paralyzing Strike, Poison Strike, Heavy Blow, Mage Armor, Cobweb, Entangling Web, Ice Spikes, Poison, Chilling Touch, Fireball, Magic Missiles, Paralyzing Touch.

    • The ones I played with seemed to work mechanically (despite the reported visual issues which I also saw on some spells). Magic was even more magical without effects to match them. 👍


    Stone Bricks or Wooden Logs

    • "Dying" while holding a brick gives a bugged visual, although you can still place the item down. 😔
      • I suggest having the item drop on the ground nearby to reduce the chance of a person getting endlessly spawn-camped while at a slow walking speed or unable to use their weapon 😉
    • Lifting these items off of the ground has a high chance of not completing and having nothing happen OR only partially completing. 😭
      • Partial Completion: Usually the item is not picked up and the character is stuck in the animation as if they are carrying it OR the item is picked up and is invisible visually OR some other combination thereof
    • Placing either of these items into a blueprint has a very high chance of not breaking the character out of the walking animation OR triggering a faster version of the running animation 😭


    Nice detailled Report. ❤

    Would do same, but i did not played that much as i wanted, since i got a cold at Friday. 😞

    Good you and others are there who are able to test deeply 🙂

  • DymStudios - CEO

    @Plume thanks for the very detailed report, fantastic job! 🙂


    Yes, very well done indeed.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @Plume KUDOS and many thanks for taking the time to put this together. Your gift will help us all. 💖 💓 💖


    Good run-down. Thanks!

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