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    What is Meridian?

    First and foremost, Meridian is an experiment.

    Known formally as the Kingdom of Meridian, we are a Fractured guild based in Syndesia and designed like a real world nation-state.

    Though most guilds serve only as social clubs for players, Meridian strives to be something different - something that takes full advantage of Fractured’s diverse features and the developers’ ambitious vision.

    Our goal is to be builders in Fractured’s unique sandbox; content creators defined by our peerless community, optimal efficiency, and maximum effectiveness, where most are welcome and none are bored.

    Come live out your Tolkienesque adventures and Game of Thrones-inspired fantasies with us.

    What can you expect?

    Someone wise once said “the key to happiness is expectation management.” Meridian’s government could not agree more….

    Real life comes first: Exactly what it says on the tin. Don't let this game or guild contribute to a break-up, a divorce, unemployment, an arrest, or your child’s eternal hatred. We're not online 24/7 and we don't expect you to be either.

    You can expect an organized guild: The chain of command is made of links with purpose. Every role has its own unique responsibility. We strive for cohesive excellence.

    You can expect an ambitious guild: Every great power has humble origins. We’ll never rule the real world, but here? We can create our own realm. Let’s co-author Fractured’s greatest success story together.

    You can expect a creative guild: Content creation is perhaps our foremost priority. Meridian’s best minds (and some of our drunkest) have put together a program of unique events and features for our citizens. Remember: Fractured is a sandbox; the castles we must build ourselves.

    You can expect a guild of opportunity: As much as we strive to be, we're far from perfect. Meridian offers citizens the chance to make us better. Identify a problem and contribute to the solution.

    You can expect a community-driven guild: This is at the heart of our culture. Meridian works to establish friendship and brotherhood among disparate misfits, malcontents, and misanthropes. Be part of it; get involved.

    What are we looking for?

    We’re not a cookie-cutter guild and we don’t spam generic invitations.

    Meridian has proudly discerning tastes: in an era where gamers are often antisocial, indifferent, and noncommittal, we seek members who are active, loyal, and dedicated.

    Anything less isn’t worth our time.

    In other games, other guilds often prioritize stats over substance; exploiting drones and tolerating toxic members.

    But Fractured’s horizontal progression allows all players to excel and Meridian recognizes that a good attitude is the most vital attribute of all.

    Assholes and edgelords need not apply.

    Is Meridian a roleplay guild?

    Not really.

    While Meridian is unapologetically ambitious and stylized, we wouldn’t define ourselves as a roleplaying guild.

    If you’re in our Discord, you’re more than likely going to find a group of regular folks cracking jokes, exchanging Netflix recommendations, or ranting about current events than plotting shenanigans with fake English accents and reciting dramatic poems.

    That said, this is a video game and we’re all nerds here, so Meridian embraces a healthy sense of pageantry - even though we know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

    What are Meridian’s goals?

    Currently, Meridian is defined by two equally important goals.

    First, we wish to be content creators for Fractured as a whole. How many of you have tried to recapture the epic sandbox moments of your past, eager to relive the glory days of Ultima Online, Tibia, EverQuest, and others like them?

    Or what about those of you who never played those games and experienced those moments but have sought them out anyway, only to be disappointed with every alleged sandbox you step into?

    We know your pain. For games like these, it’s imperative that like-minded players find each other, organize, and fulfill Fractured’s potential for unparalleled fun together. Therefore, Meridian stands ready to do its part to create content for its members, allies, and even our enemies, should we ever have any.

    Second, Meridian strives to make its capital the most successful settlement possible.

    One of the coolest things about Fractured is that it separates conquest from ruling. In most games, they’re treated as one and the same. But in Fractured, you must work to keep what you claim.

    Settlements must be founded, built, grown, and maintained. Towns must attract players and NPCs alike to be registered citizens, workers, and participants in the community. Authority can be shared by the Guild Master and Governor with loyal and experienced members to maintain order and stability. It’s entirely possible to lose your town due to mismanagement, complacency, and lack of vision - without ever experiencing an enemy siege!

    Military alliances must be carefully forged for mutual protection; trade agreements with wealthy commerce guilds must be negotiated for mutual prosperity; the services of mercenaries might need to be employed for additional security.

    Meridian wishes to play host and facilitator for as many of these niche guilds as possible, doing its part to create a politically dynamic environment where groups of all sizes and purposes can succeed.

    What are Meridian’s rules?

    • Join Meridian’s official Guilded server. Both are essential tools for conveying announcements, content, and upcoming events.
    • Stay informed. Don’t be lazy - Meridian officers shouldn’t have to track down individual members and give them updates that are easily found on Discord and our website.
    • Maintain a healthy sense of humor. Life’s hard and Fractured, like all games, is meant to be an escape from your daily troubles. In this community, the ability to be silly and take/give jokes is vital.
    • Keep a good attitude. There’s a difference between smartass and asshole, honest and rude, cracking jokes in good fun and being an intolerable edgelord-memer. Don’t be a Chad: know these differences and behave accordingly.
    • Get involved. We don’t (and refuse to) have a hard quota for event participation and we don’t expect you to live in a Discord voice channel. But Meridian is a guild and a guild is, foremost, a community. Don’t be a stranger. Members who don’t engage at all and simply take up space in the roster will be removed.
    • Show common courtesy. Going on vacation for three weeks? Give us a heads up. Taking a much-deserved break from the game? Let us know. Don’t be inconsiderate - it takes all of 30 seconds to fire up your mobile Discord app and notify a Meridian officer of your absence or resignation.
    • Be loyal. Fractured encourages alts and we expect many of our members will have them; anyone who has alts in other guilds without the approval of the King will be removed from Meridian.
    • Respect the chain of command. In Fractured, there are dire consequences for a town in chaos. The chain of command is essential for structure and long-term success.

    How does Meridian’s government work?

    As stated above, the Kingdom of Meridian is designed like a real life nation-state, which all require a functioning governments to run properly.

    We know from the development team that guild and town authority can often be shared by its leaders. As Fractured gets closer to release, we’ll have a better understanding of what powers there are and which can be shared. In the meantime, here’s our current vision for how Meridian’s government will work:

    As always, it’s best to start at the top. The leader of Meridian is Beradus Valarn. As King of Meridian, Beradus is our ruler, head of state, and highest authority. He’s the eccentric artist painting our “big picture” vision, the dramatic statesman declaring our values. The King is primarily responsible for setting the royal agenda — Meridian's culture, goals, and vision. Additionally, the King ratifies or rejects all proposed laws, treaties, and war declarations and has the exclusive right to disband the guild.

    The King's second-in-command is the Hand of the Crown. If you think of Meridian as a company, the King would be CEO and the Hand its chief operating officer. As Meridian's principal administrator, the Hand coordinates the kingdom's government to implement the King's royal agenda by selecting and chairing the Royal Privy Council, supervising the royal Governors, and presenting all proposals to the King.

    Additionally, the King is served by a Privy Council that advises him on important affairs of state. Each of the other eight Counselors manages a specific, unique aspect of Meridian's operations. For example, the Master of War commands the royal army whereas the Master of Trade supervises commerce, while the Master of Roads and Halls oversees Meridian’s infrastructure and the Master of Fields cultivates agriculture.

    Furthermore, each Meridian settlement is commanded by a Governor, who represents the King. Due to the scope of Fractured's geography and the logistical challenges that follow, Governors report directly to the Hand of the Crown but possess considerable discretion in managing their settlements.

    Fractured has made an exciting promise: those ambitious and powerful enough to claim territory will have to contend with consistent and varied challenges if they want to keep it. For this reason, a unified and competent team is necessary for guild leadership.

    It's a bit complicated and might be quite messy; but anything else is missing the point.

    Sound interesting?

    Nope. Thanks, but no thanks!

    Fair enough.

    We completely understand and would prefer not to waste your time or ours with an obvious mismatch.

    The good news is, even this early in Fractured’s development cycle, there already are great guilds out there you may prefer….

    Vandiir is a prominent gaming community that’s found its way to Fractured. If you’re seeking strong fellowship but aren’t enticed by Meridian’s flavor, Vandiir’s lively and supportive culture may be just for you.

    But perhaps you favor more imperialization and conquest than Meridian intends to offer. In which case, we recommend taking a gander at Fractured’s most ambitious enterprise: The Shadow Empire, led by Vyr Vandalous.

    Or maybe you’re seeking a cerebral, actively roleplaying guild and have no idea where to start looking? Consider stately House Pythias, led by Tirinith Uundol Pythias.

    Additionally, you may consider the rapacious Horde of Tartaros, led by the blunt and uncompromising Rekington, if you seek to commit your prodigious bloodlust to an ambitious cause.

    Hell yes! Where do I sign up?

    Meridian prefers a more personal approach: Hit myself or @Bardikens up via direct message here on the Fractured forums and let’s chat one-on-one. 🙂


    My Arborean guild will look forward to doing business with y'all 🐺 💰 🖖


    @PeachMcD said in Meridian:

    My Arborean guild will look forward to doing business with y'all 🐺 💰 🖖

    Likewise. 🙂


    I'd like to take a moment to welcome @LilCassiopeia as the second governor to grace the Principality of Meridian.

    We look forward to working and growing with you.


    Cheers mate let's build something awesome! 🙂
    @PeachMcD I plan do create the outpost city in Arboreus for Meridian. I will look forward working with you on behalf of the guild.


    Update: I've launched the official town planning thread for Meridian's capital city.

    This is key to our vision of creating a dynamic community for our members, as well as other guilds and solo players.


    Update: I've rewritten and clarified the "How Does Meridian's Government Work?" section. 🙂


    Greetings and well met.


    @SunderCats Thanks! Are you interested in learning more about us?



    I replied to your PM. 🙂 Well met indeed.


    Update: Governor @LilCassiopeia has publicly announced the founding of Dùath, Meridian's second planned settlement. The thread has some juicy details; check it out!


    Dùath diddy diddy dum diddy dee.

    Thank you, @LilCassiopeia for your contributions thus far for the betterment of the Principality and furthermore for helping to contribute to an atmosphere that is constructive and productive for all members and future members of the Fractured community.


    Meridian is pleased to be participating in the second Alpha test. The game looks better in variety and detail, the combat is more fluid, and the opportunities more abundant.

    Anyone who's committed to Fractured but not yet to a guild or community should consider checking us out. 😉


    Meridian extends a good day to all and a happy Thanksgiving to our players in the States.

    Also, if you missed it, take a gander at Oxfurd's AMA with @Prometheus!


    We at Meridian extend a sincere welcome to the new players giving Fractured a try for the stress test weekend!


    Meridian hopes that everyone is able to enjoy the free weekend stress test. We have had fun helping to break, remake, and break the servers over and over in the name of progress! Enjoy it out there!


    I cant say if im enjoying it as I cant get into the game 😂 😂



    Progress! One frame at a time 🤣 🤣


    Hope the new year has gotten off to a great start for everyone! 🙂


    On behalf of Meridian, we hope everyone’s enjoying a fantastic test week!

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