My notes from A1/T2


    I have actually Artisan package with beta 1 access, but I was lucky and I won a key for this A1T2 testing phase. I have collected here some of my thoughts based purely on my personal experience and opinion. I know some notes are most likely going to chance in the future or can feel kind of small things, but I decided to point out those anyway.

    First I was confused why the starting website did not open correctly and just throw me to the frontpage of Fractured. It took some time to me figure out, that I needed to go for my profile and add the key there. After that the testing page opened. I am not sure if there was any information about this, but I could not find any of myself.

    In the LogIn screen it would be nice to have a row change with TAB button and getting forward with ENTER when you wrote your username and password. Just a small QoL things.

    Character creation
    In character creation screen it would be nice if you could turn your character and check how he or she is going to look from different angles.

    Because players needs to divide points between different attributes, there should be some information what the attributes are actually doing, where those have influence and how much. Now because I did not have enough base knowledge and I wanted to test out a little bit of everything, I decided to put points so I got level 15 for each attribute. That also felt most efficient when costing just 2 points and level 16 costs already 3 points.

    After character creation there was this "enter the world issue", which returned some players back to character creation screen before getting into the game. Then you could not re-enter, because you got a message that you are already logged in. This happened to me just once, but some people struggled with it much more.

    First steps
    It was pretty easy to gather stuff, craft your first tools and gear, even without any tutorial. Of course it was first just running around and gathering all you crossed with, and it did not take long to fill the whole bag with resources.

    Building your house took some time, but I did not personally mind about that, even though it was kind of boring activity tbh. Building a house with a storage chest was not in balanced when compared to the character's inventory space. Inventory will be full with no time, and needing to finish the house before getting more inventory space was kind of annoying. I have few suggestions in mind how housing and storage system could be changed. Firstly, maybe the first version of house could be more like a shack rather than house, which needs less resources to build, or maybe that leather chest could be craftable before your house is finished, it can be placed outside of the house anyway, so why not?

    Sometimes when I build the house I could not place stone or wood on the wall, I needed to move a lil bit away and try again from a different angle. Also the placing animation had weird delay (when finishing 5/5 of the walls for example) and I tried to move away too soon.

    Some furniture could not be placed near walls and I had stuff in the centre of the house making it feel weird maze and hard to move through. So the furniture placing needs some optimization. I noticed the same problem with stations outside and I could not place those in pretty or reasonable order.

    I would like to see a chance to upgrade your house, furniture and crafting stations to higher tiers in the future. Better or rare items could need better stations to be crafted as well.

    For gathering I would like to see slight highlighting and naming when you move the mouse cursor over the resource node. Now you needed to gather some resources to check what those actually are. Also when nodes are near each other and behind other obstacles like trees, then I easily gathered wrong resources. One problem here is the camera angle, but there is nothing that can be done with that. During gathering a node, then the gathering hand cursor disappeared and I could not check the environment, which things are gatherable and which are not.

    When in combat I runned easily gatherable resources, especially trees, which hitboxes was quite large. Few solutions could be moving basic attack away from mouse right button, and make it a moving button, which does not interact with the environment. One option is prevent gathering in combat entirely. I tried to keep moving button down and it helped in some situations, however, sometimes the character just stopped (I saw someone posted, that it was related to chat window..?) or I needed to change back for the click to move state, because the situation forced me to.

    Some resources did not have any purpose or at least I could not find any.

    I guess the base for crafting was quite good, however I hope it will get more complex when you progress further. When I needed to craft (refine) several resources for row, it was quite annoying to have a chance to select only one at a time and repeat that. That is fine when you craft stuff without any station, but what if with workbench you could select multiple craftable items at once?

    I understood that hide and leather armor are about equal from stats point of view, but those have different purpose. However, the crafting of these different kinds of armor sets was not in balance, because hide was really easy to make and leather took a lot of time. This was because you needed first to process the hide for leather in tanning tub, and this took about 15 to 16 hours if I remember right.

    Kiting animals was kind of easy, because characters are faster than beasts. However, that combat healing felt a little bit too high and especially trying to kill black wolf with bow took forever. The fights went a little bit too much backwards rather than forward imo. Killing that black wolf with spells was smoother, but still that combat healing was somehow annoying. Melee was not an option and it was a suicide to try kill black wolf or anything big ones. This makes me wonder what is melees position if ranged are better options?

    That Ice shard spell felt a little bit overpowered and did a massive amount of damage from close range. I know it is intended to do so, but still the damage was huge when compared to many other spells.

    When targeting a specific enemy, it should be more informative. Now I am not sure if you could even lock the target and it felt like it drops away. It would be nice to have an enemy frame shown when targeting it and from where you see its nameplate, health, energy, ability casting timer, debuffs, buffs and other status related information. Now I was not sure if poisons or diseases were on or how long, and on top of that, those spells felt kind of useless anyway when doing only minor damage.

    Many times I needed to push ability buttons more than once so something would happen. Also I needed to stop with too many spells to cast those. So that did not feel responsive enough tbh. There were too many times situations where I kited, then tried to do something without succeeding, and overall the combat had some clunky feeling.

    I guess the combat would feel more fluid if more spells could be cast instantly without delays or stopping.

    I was hoping that the abilities would have been divided more equally between different weapons. Now there was a good amount of abilities for dagger (assassin), but just few or none for others.

    There was a time when I was only shooting air with my bow and I almost reported that as a bug. Later I noticed that I am fatigued and I presumed that was the reason. There could be some information text or warning floating on the screen when you are fatigued. Same thing could actually be with hunger and such. If I am fatigued I should not have strength to shoot air either..

    I can see that the combat can be pretty good when finished and polished well, but there is still some work to be done imho. However, I am sure that there were some flaws with the tester too. Maybe I tried to be too fast in some situations and my experience of games like WoW and Albion might have some effect on the results as well. 😉

    Updating the hotfixes are made kind of hard, because now you need to uninstall the whole game, download and reinstall it again. I hope we will see next time a new client, which has just the update option. On top of that, when the house issues were hotfixed with plot wipe, it was quite annoying to start from scratch again. I did not personally build that house again with all those furniture, stored resources and crafted items, because it would take too much of my time. However, I then just focused on some combat related stuff.

    I like the art style and graphics of Fractured, and the game ran smoothly with ultra settings. I like how the environment and objects have a really realistic feel, even though we are living in a fantasy world. I guess the character models could be more detailed, especially, I still think those eyes looks kind of hypnotic. 😉

    I know this was kind of a negative feedback, but I really wanted to focus to point out every smallest flaws or weird things I noticed, and which bothered me somehow. I hope devs got a lot of bugs caught and good amount of testing data to improve the game for the next testing phase. At least there were all the mechanics they wanted to test out and maybe in next phase we see plenty of more. I am happy I had this chance to test this game so early.. and for developers; Keep up the good work! 👍 🙂

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    without commenting on any particular observation, I want to thank the OP for taking the time to lay this out. I see an effort to be constructive and helpful and want to honor that.


    I do second. that we would need a "shack" for a first house. Or a "tent".

    So people could get their stuff in order, before they plan with others. Where they would like to make a city or coalese around and area.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I do think a lot of the housing stuff was still a problem, but mostly because the quarry efforts were still at a single block. That is not intended it seems.

    I do want to see more cooperative building systems come about, they will be important for both Sydensia and Arboreus.

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    @Jairone said in My notes from A1/T2

    I do want to see more cooperative building systems come about, they will be important for both Sydensia and Arboreus.

    THANK YOU! It's unrealistic in the extreme to imagine a solitary individual building a house for themselves. It's possible, of course, but a lean-to or hut to provide shelter seems more in line with what a person would do on their own.

    Even the US-libertarian myth of the 'self-reliant settler' includes wagon trains for mutual protection and barn-raising parties. The usual unit in that myth is an enterprising family, not a solo adventurer. In reality, individuals died pretty quickly in untamed wilderness.

    I get it, it's a game, and a sandbox at that. But there's really no need to reify a myth when actual history is available. Cooperative building & harvesting has always been a thing. I do believe the devs have the brains to make cooperative work realistically faster and less taxing than solo endeavors.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Indeed. They have said it will be solo friendly, but that doesn't mean that it will be very easy to do everything solo. I believe one of the weakest points for cooperation in the status quo of online gaming is in individuals contributing to larger goals.

    Where this does work to some extent with a bunch of players running around solo doing stuff, it is highly inefficient. I'd really enjoy seeing games both allow that and yet also help group efforts emphasizing different strong suits push greater efficiency toward the process.

    In terms of gamification of the process, I'm thinking maybe stats could have an effect upon group roles in construction projects (just as an example). Obviously strength for hauling, maybe constitution for chopping/mining, dexterity for the actual builders, have int/charisma boosts with a good architect/planner... but that's all just random off the top of my head thoughts.


    We could presume that players can build relatively easy their own house and upgrade/upkeep with decent effort. However, most likely guild and town buildings needs more group work.

    @Jairone said in My notes from A1/T2:

    In terms of gamification of the process, I'm thinking maybe stats could have an effect upon group roles in construction projects (just as an example). Obviously strength for hauling, maybe constitution for chopping/mining, dexterity for the actual builders, have int/charisma boosts with a good architect/planner... but that's all just random off the top of my head thoughts.

    I would also like to see that attributes has some noticeable effect on crafting, gathering and constructs.


    In the Q&A Crafting & Building this subject was mentioned (time stamp 29:58) Stat is related/will influence crafting, few examples were given:

    STR will influence Metalworking, PER & DEX will influence Jewelcrafting, DEX will influence Crafting with claws.

    INT will influence Enchanting and Alchemy, the question remains how the relation/influence will be in detail.

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