Alpha 1 -Test 2 - Rubber-banding and getting booted in certain areas.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Testing today 7/11 was around 6 hours total. (The usual issues already listed)

    While near my house (located in SE Slithering Moore) I had no real issues with Lag .

    Heading North toward Goblin Pass (sp?) the game kept booting me and/or became very laggy.

    I would have to reboot and run back south in a 30 second window time before it booted again. Had to do this over 10 times to get back into a zone where it did not happen.

    This didn't seem to happen south of Slithering (at least to me) and could possibly be zone/shard related? (If there are such things, I am no expert)

    I had no issues last night playing near my location (or today) until I ventured out North.

    May not be a big deal, but I did want to mention it.


    @Jimbolini Where we met up (west of Slithering) was very laggy wasnt it.


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