Dodging ranged attacks is impossible?

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    I noticed that the web the huge spider spits at me appears impossible to dodge. Is that intended?


    I’ve turned as soon as I’ve seen the spider preparing to use that web and still been hit. It’s like it can adjust its aim purposefully. It kind of makes sense that the spider is good at it and dodging should be difficult, but it shouldn’t be impossible either.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    perhaps high DEX can give you better chance at dodging. It should be the purpose of that stat as description states. 🙂


    To me it seems to be a player/npc-targeted attack, which would make it only dodgeable by your ability tododge/the dodge stat or suddenly being out of range. Unless I'm missing something and the position/direction of your character has an effect on attacks hitting you?

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    I have not seen the skill a lot yet, but to me it seemed like the skill targets the position your character is the moment the spider fires the skill. So if you are fast enough or have some kind of blink / teleport ability you should be able to escape the area of effect of the skill to dodge it.

    At least that´s what it seemed to me after seeing it 2 - 3 times, but maybe only the lag made it appear as such 😛


    Assuming the NPC skills is the same as the player version. You can only resist it with the Save modifier "Trap"

    picture Cobweb description

    Which you will get from DEX and PER (at a max of 36% chance combined) see my stat layout for a breakdown

    But as I read it, you will at least be crippled. I have several large spiders in my house surroundings. I see if I can do some testing later today.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Bear in mind that we are going to have much more spell options later on, including cleanses, purges and stuff like that which will enable you to clean the CC effects off you.


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