Fencing Bug Found

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Fencing placement bug/issue. Not snapping to grid/over extending itself past it's established limitation.

    Here is a screenshot

    Cheers. unknown (2).png Fencing


    I had a problem with fencing too. Wouldn't let me move fencing after being built and wouldn't let me delete incomplete fences


    I'm wondering, as I only started placing fencing last night. Is there supposed to be an intended opening, so you can get in and out? Can you walk over or through the fencing? If not, how would you get into your claimed area? Of course, I can't test this out atm, since I'm at work.

  • I found I couldnt place fencing in all the places I wanted to, I left a gap in front of my door, and one round the back near my crafting stuff, but down the side, where maybe a "normal person" would have had maybe the door face the road, but I didnt turn my house, I couldnt put fence panels in 2 slots.


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