Alpha1/Test1 Feedback

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    Soo Far, Soo Good
    That sentence reflects what i truly think about the week spent playing Fractured on A1/T1. Even if it took time and we waited to have a first bite of the game, i think the Fractured team gave us a good, playable version so we can enjoy and taste what it will be.

    Personal Gameplay
    My first approach with the alpha was right when the team uploaded it. I played with some guildy and it was very frenetic and enjoyable. We start running around the spawns area triyng to catch up each others, harvesting everything we could; then we set up a little camp with Bonfire and Fleshwood and team up to hunt wolves(The wolves hunted us to be honest). Once everyone was equiped we tripped towards the Vale of Shadows and built some houses.
    After a good first impact with the game i logged in the next days wondering around Myr, exploring, harvesting, killing, tryng skills and crafting. I mostly played alone. I can say that playing with a guild, friends or just someone you bump in would really enhance the game experience. Fractured is kinda a retro MMORPG, one where the community matters, beside you will probably be able to explore and discover all by yourself i invite everyone to tastes this game and shares this world with other players, because it really takes the adventure on the next level.

    I really like the graphic of fractured. It's pretty realistic but not too much for your eyes. You can't always recognize what's harvestable so you have to move your mouse around. Biomes are very greats, and it's wonderful how they merge when you are about to switch from one to another. Best is when a biome meets the sand, simply magical; if you have ever been to place where the forest is next to the beach you know what i'm talking about.
    Characters and monsters textures are greats and very fluids. Every skill is represented by graphic elements or movements once casted, it gonna makes PvP intriguing.
    The UI was pretty enjoyable, very clean, even if probably it will be implemented.
    Time shifting is almost perfect, nights didn't last too short, but i haven't encounter any weather changes, they are a MUST.

    I kinda liked the music Fractured offers, it's a chilly one, so while playing you feel relaxed, sometimes even too much. Despite a bug that makes you hear a river's flow, even if it was far away, the ambience effects are very good especially monsters's one. You could hear a rabbit moving between bushes or the stampede's of a bear running towards you(not cool).
    A suggestion that i would like to share, is to give each Biomes an own music so you can feel the shift not only with eyes but also with your ears.

    After spending a bit looking at my character's sheets during the "fatigue check up", i've noticed that there are a lot of Attributes. I think this will makes very instresting, complex and different from player to player the personalization of the avatars.

    Fatigue & Satiety
    Those two systems will keep you busy while traveling around the continents. I managed to test fatigue, and it's a very good way to remind you to rest. If you don't you will suffers some minor debuffs to your attributes and mov.speed and if you keep going you will end up exhausted. Satiety decreased too slowly and i wasn't able to test what happens when it lowers under half its bar. Devs already said those two bars are supposed to lower faster, and i agree with it. Especially the satiety one, considering that there are plenty of foods that you can eat along the way, even raws.
    One things i want to suggest is to recive a Poison debuff when you eat poisonous foods and a percentage to get it whie eating raw foods. Otherwise, beside losing a bit of endurance, that recovers with time, you can eat poisonous foods without any real treaths.
    Those debuffs has to be critics and endangered the character; like you need to create an antidote on an alchemy bench, something that it's not easy to remove, so the player haveto be aware of.
    I suggest also to lower drastically the percentage of satiety recovered while eating raw foods(Man stay seated untill you ended your meal, dosen't you learn good manners?).

    Despite there were few types of monsters it seems like the Dev gave us different kind of AI to test and face.
    Rabbits and Foxes are slower then you and squishi. You can just chase them and kill with a couple of hits.
    Deers are probably among the thoughest enemys you had to face, they are faster then you and resilient. I manage to score some kills by forcing them towards a dead end, stunning or crippling.
    Wolves are easy to kill, once you built some armor pieces, but they are packed so always care about how many you lure.
    Bears were the ultimate challenge, it's hard to kill them on your own but with a couple of tricks, a bit of luck, and some bandages you can do it(Or you can just gank it with a raid party).
    Spiders.... i don't know who makes me think there were spiders, maybe my guildys, maybe my mind when i saw those webbed eggs in the Vale of Shadows. I travelled everywhere, but found none.

    Crafting is very enjoyable, even if there weren't too many. Basic things didn't require much to be crafted and in general the amounts of stuffs required are not grind imprinted, in my opinion. Thumb Up. Approved.

    I gave a try to every weapons i was able to craft.
    Spear: was probably the best single target weapons since it outputs the highest damage; but there were no skills to use with it.
    Stick: was without any doubt the best for cleaving, it has the widest range and the highest damage among the bludgeon weapons, so there were no point of using either the Mace or the Club. (Pr0Fact, i once cleaved a pack of 12 wolves at the same time with a stick)
    Knife: despite it was stimulating playing along with a skills set, i found the knife lacking damage, plus you end up Out Of Mana to use those spells. I really think this combat style will need some fixes.
    Bow: the only ranged weapons you can craft and use. Lower damage then all melee weapons but knives, but you can kite everythings with it and a bunch of bandages.
    I want to warn devs to be carefull into balancing the bandages, because actually you can manage to face a bear on your own especially with a bow. All you need to do is tank, kite while using bandages, ready to tank again. A simple solution could be to give the bandages a cast time, even if low or prevent to use while in combat.

    Unfotunatally yesterday i've been called back to work, and couldn't write down the feedback and with access to the game can't rememeber exactly the spells's name. I'll do my best.
    Frenzy and Enrage. Those skill boost your combat attributes and also your mov.speed, makes them great during exploration.
    Bash skill which grants a sure hit, stuns the target on next attack with a bludgeon weapons and augments damage; this skill is very powerfull, used while wielding a stick you can AoE stun a lot of monsters.
    Warcry? Roaring in a cone in front you, lowering the attributes of monsters who don't make a succesfull resist slowing them, usefull to kite.
    Insipire has probably been underestimated, but it enhance your defence and precision attributes, i recommend to use it when approaching a fight.
    Last, also as relevance(my opinion) is Second Wind. When i start playing i used it a lot. Then i discovered Power Word: Heal and bandages. No point of use this spell 'cause it also lower your Endurance and Life untill you rest.

    Moving to the Assassination skill tree you can enjoy a various skill set but as i said it lacks damage and it's very ManaDevouring.
    The first skill enpower your next hit, and also makes the target bleed, balanced one.
    The second one is another enpowering skill. It output a serious amount of damage but has long CD and mana cost, it's not very worthy.
    Silence and Cripple. While the first one was pointless to use, since no monster needed to be silenced, the second one was usefull while fighting deers; the slow amount is very high it almost makes the target walk; powerfull one.
    Death Mark was supposed to augment the damages that the target recives, but it was apparently bugged.
    Last spell enpowers the damages you output on the target based on the numbers of status it suffers. Hard to judge. By now the damage difference is not much applying cripple and bleed, maybe when you can add more status will worth. Even so the time it lasts should be increased.
    Ending with the "Power Words" skill tree, we have:
    Heal, a powerfull spell that heals a target(saved a lot of mates in wolves danger with), Stun, another powerfull spell,
    Death, insane instant damage on target,
    Silence, no use for it.
    Increase intelligence rise your chances to hit, making difficult to avoid those targeting spells for your targets.

    Thank you for reading my feedbacks, hoping your eyes aren't bleeding for my english.

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    πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘

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    Nice write up, but wait until they put night back to how it started πŸ™‚ Ever see the movie Pitch Black?


    I like your description of often overlooked ingame music.
    For me, music is important part of game.
    applauding composer

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @Putio Well that was really comprehensive feedback. Good job! πŸ‘

    I personally still hope that the crafting will be a little bit more complex after those basic equipments.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Thanks guys for the appreciation. And i'm seriusly looking forward for deadly night time. It's gonna be even more immersive thinking about the dangers you have to face if you wanna walk the night. And imagine once you will be able to do it freely cause you've become powerfull enough, imagine that omnipower feeling; i'm already tasting it.

    Music is really important for me too. That's why i wanted to point at it. Can makes the difference, a well done music compartment helps your brain relaxs, driving deep into the game, it's the key for a next level experience.
    Surely they won't forget about crafting. As i feedback, there is a lot to harvest, and with more biomes and continents there's gonna be even more. The team already thought outside the box by choosing a growth based on knowledgerather then just grinding experience. Pretty sure they're going to focus on crafting player's efforts.


    @Putio really appreciate you sharing your input with us! That was quite a thorough review! I've been watching several YouTube videos of A1/T1 myself and I share many of your opinions. I didn't even think of music shifting between zones, but of course that should be done!
    Anyway, thanks for helping to get me even more excited for the game, friend!

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @Putio well written. πŸ™‚

    Itβ€˜s a shame i did not write an conclusion by myself for Test 1, but you said much of the things i would write too.

    Since i will jump in with an own report of my experiences in Test 2, i will add here the experience with the Progress they made since Pre Alpha started.

    My first sight to the game was making me very promising about Fractured.
    The first sight i did with the eye of Possibilities.
    The first i noticed was the Graphics and i felt in love with it.
    The second was the Area Design, Cliffs that you canβ€˜t climb, but stoneformations where you can walk on, collisions where it makes sense (Trees, Stoneboulder etc.), Animations.
    Also in the animals we got i saw the potential, even they are sometimes are moving very clumsy πŸ˜‰

    If i compare all with the things we got for Alpha 1 Test 1 i see clearly a developing progress.
    If it is the added soundeffects, adjusted spawner and all the stuff (Houses, Skills etc.) that was added from Patch to Patch or the fixed Bugs, all shows the effort they set into it.
    Even we just see small things at the moment, every piece of game we get shows the path they want to go.
    For me this path is like i was expecting it and i hope for the future that it will stay straight.


    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I have one question though. Is it just my impression from the screenshots, or does the bright health/mana/stamina bar dominate the screen making the character fade into the background? Does anyone else think a little visual emphasis should be put on the characters?

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @Darian indeed, i wish for later, that we have the possibility to turn on/off the banner whenever we want.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Yeah it's probably a good suggestion. I felt comfortable been able to keep an eye on my status while exploring and fighting, just to test skills or to hunt; but having them disappearing while out of combat could do the trick.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Awesome feedback, thanks for posting! πŸ™‚


    @Putio Great write up. Looking forward to more feedback from you in the future. The game looks fantastic and I can't wait to try it out myself in A1-T2.


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