being forced to walk instead of run while carrying stone block feels punishing and immersion breaking


    hi dev,

    i am trying my best to gather stone blocks to build my house.

    but it seems that i need to gather quite a fair bit of stone blocks.

    12 initial blocks plus 11 joining blocks making a total of about 23 blocks.

    the stones blocks are all quite far away, and your character can only carry one block at a time.

    the default travel speed is running.

    but when you pick up stone block, it becomes walking speed instead of running speed.

    i feel that being forced into walking speed instead of running speed while carrying stone block feels punishing and immersion breaking.

    i would suggest letting your character pick up the stone blocks and go with running speed instead of walking speed.

    thank you for reading.

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    @stkmro Carts/wagons haven't been implemented yet. Those will make the transport of bricks and logs a lot easier. πŸ˜‰

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    Also, I think that quarries are supposed to have more than 1 brick each. So, that would help too.

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    Funny. As soon as it becomes a bit harder the people start to say it is to hard. How is it immersion breaking, that you can't run while carrying something heavy in front of you? Want to see you doing it RL.

    Building a house should be something you what you have to work hard for. So it is something you are proud of. We can't lvl so you have something else where you can accomplish something.

    And I builded the house within 2h. You need longer to cross the land Myr.


    This is what i managed to do so far for my house.

    Its quite slow and tiring. I guess I gotta stop and rest for a while.


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    Grats! πŸ™‚ Now you're down to just logs, so a bit easier from here.

  • While I agree, it may feel overly slow.. I think we should be dragging a block of that size. Require some rope and pull the block around behind rather then lift it up.

    Also, don't get attached to your homes. Mine was gone after the down time.

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    I want to see you build house in RL in 1 hour πŸ˜„


    @Sindariya Most likely we can put mounts to our packback, so I would not compare game mechanics straight to irl. πŸ˜‰

    Moreover, if our houses will decay quite fast and those can be sacked/destroyed by other players, then house building can easily become really frustrating part of the game.

    If the housing will be almost permanent, then it should contain hard work.

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    I only compared it to RL because he said it is immersion breaking. I can't hear that argument anymore so I countered it with another unreasonable argument.

    Regarding decay we have to wait what they will bring us. QoL improvements have to wait till beta and all basics are in the game. But I guess we will have to work on it every week, since we can hire an NPC carpenter and they need a reason to sell it.
    But how much time does it need to get every week about 5 logs and 2 stone blocks (those numbers are just guesses)? It would be annoying enough and still doable for average player.


    I donΒ΄t think that players can destroy other peoples houses πŸ‘€

    As for the upkeep, it was said 1-2 hours / week is the time investment needed without carpenter NPC. The carpenter NPC is also attainable in game and when you have it you still need to provide the carpenter NPC with the necessary resources to maintain your house, but the rest the NPC does himself.

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    It took a while, but I finished my house relatively quickly. Just listened to music/podcast in the background.

    Things will be a lot smoother once more features are implemented. I'm not sure how it's "immersion breaking" to not be able to run while carrying a huge chunk of heavy stone.


    Hope big buildings will need much more resources, so will be almost impossible build castle as alone player without trading resources etc


    How walking instead of running while carrying stone block can breack immersion?

    It's a sandbox, you need to be creative, once the game is released go farm some leather or whatever in the demon world and trade them with a scared peasant to make him carry your stones.


    I honestly enjoyed the fact that you had to walk while carrying the big stones. I think what @Vortech said in

    being forced to walk instead of run while carrying stone block feels punishing and immersion breaking:

    I think we should be dragging a block of that size. Require some rope and pull the block around behind rather then lift it up.

    would be just a little bit too hardcore even if slightly fun sounding.

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    I don't get how it is immersion breaking when you go slow while carrying a heavy object. Can you elaborate?


    I guess @stkmro was just frustrated how much time it took to gather those blocks (unluckily those were far away), and that immersion word was simply a wrong choise of word... maybe. Anyhow, better luck with charts next time.


    ok, i managed to build the whole house. (see attached picture below)

    even though several players have given their feedback to my response, i still have mixed feelings regarding the "walking" insteading of "running" with the stone blocks and wooden logs.

    my thoughts are that during the "walking" part, it feels like grinding.

    basically repeating the same act of walking from log to house, then house to log, then log to house, repeat, etc, etc.

    the feeling is like... the grinding of mmorpg of repeatedly killing "x" number of monsters for a certain quest..... or to level up a your character level, or skill level, or talent level, or whatever you call it...

    the first few times you carry the logs or stones, yes it's something new and refreshing...

    after that, it becomes just like grinding to level up your character.

    hence i was thinking that to make it "running" would make the entire process feels smoother and less "grinding" feel.

    1% to 20% of the house, everything feels new and great...

    21% onwards to 100%, it starts feeling like a grind and brings back memories of... you know... those other mmorpgs where you do grinding...


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    Thanks for elaborating! I don't want to invalidate your opinion, but I am not quite able to relate to the grinding thought. Building a house is time consuming, sure, but does that equal grind, just because you were not able to finish in 15 minutes?
    This house building is a one time thing. You probably don't have to repeat it, ever. Shouldn't this be something which takes up some of your time?
    Also there are means to carry more stones at once in the future (carts, etc).

  • @Badwolf And imagine there will be houses in the future, that will require so many more resources, I already feel a pity for those that see it as a grindy, unfun feature, but me personally I enjoyed every last bit of the process, even with no carts, sledges or whatever. It was fun seeing my work in progress and also it felt like actually contributing to the creation of my house. Not just - collect x resources, channel for 10 seconds, pooof! - your house is done. That is what I call grind - you just mindlessly collect resources for no actual "action" involved, just making your house or other stuff poof into existence πŸ˜„


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