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    Dwarven craftsmen are unparalleled.

    Cliché and common trope I'd rather not see reiterated in this game, especially considering there's no dwarves here.


    This game work around thoses 3 races for prolly good reasons. Adding an another one will allienate the whole purpose of it imo.

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    @OwlsaneGaming It depend, you still can add a demon or a beastkin sub-race, or add as playable a race that you fight in-game, and says that they are more intelligent that the others or on the "good" side and then you can play them (DRAGONS!! I would like to see a playable race that is not bipede like dragons :3). After, the lore is not that expended, so I suppose we can add something without too many consequences.

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    @Meiki but they will still just be angel and abomination... Not 3 new races for demon... One new race wirh 3 new racials.

    The angels and abominations also get their own kinds as per their original sub-races, so originally blood demon will be a different type of angel than the angel of hellfire demon...

    That's new to me! Where did you see that?

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    @Roccandil here -
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    If I start as a Blood Demon, and become an angel, will my stats as an angel be the same as if I started out as a Shadow Demon? If not, what changes can I expect from the different races.

    They won't be the same - both your look and your attribute bonuses/maluses as an Angel will depend on the family (sub-race) of your character. Same for Beastmen -> Abominations. Other unique abilities of the original sub-race (e.g. night bonuses for a Shadow Demon) might persist after the transformation too 🙂



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    i want raven/bird race for Demons:

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    @Jetah I would also like to see a raven-race, although they would much more fit into the beastfolk type. Maybe having white/green/blue ravens and birds on the side of beastfolk and making their abomination forms turn black/red/orange with the addition of small horns as their abominations forms could pretty much appeal to everyone and still fit into the setting of the worlds.

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    but crows/ravens aren't always thought of as good/holy. there are some 'beast' that would fit on the demon side!

    even the picture has swan and a parrot which would be on the beast planet while the cardinal could start neutral and raven/crow be on Tartaros. and there could be eagles, condors, etc too!

    @Prometheus - I wouldn't mind an option to create a race on whichever planet. IE you could pick the raven on the beast planet and their karma would be set as so. or a beastman starting on the demon planet with their karma set as so. This would allow friends to all start on the same planet at the same time without needing to have a few of them grind out the appropriate karma to swap.

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    @Jetah That's not really a good idea, as it would beat the whole point of turning into abomination (and the effort you need to put into it). But it should be possible to have the option for everyone to start on the human planet with their Karma's on their original, intended value. But that would put demons into quite the bad spot as they "leak" vital energies on Syndesia. So maybe beastfolk can start either on Arboreus or Syndesia and Humans can start either on Syndesia or Tartaros. Demons are exiled for a reason and shouldn't be able to easily circumvent it.

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    so you and i are friends. you want to play a beastkin and i want to play a demon. will you have fun while i'm grinding karma so we can play together? will you wait a month while i grind out karma?

    would you prefer a system where you and i could play together from the start when we decide to play?


    @Jetah make a beastman and a demon and get your friend to do the same take it in turns to play both playstyles, enjoying the game together

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    @Jetah The system is already there, it is called being either the same race or a race compatible or getting the karma required. You have four options how to play with another demon - play a demon, play human (humans suffer no penalties on Tartaros if they do not mind going evil), get the demon to raise their karma, get the demon play beastman and play in turns - you can even raise/lower your karmas together making it more fun. Otherwise, suffer the penalties tied to wanting everything right away. I prefer the system as it is planned atm. Simplifying games and gameplay never led to content community, actually quite the opposite. If it was not for its name, for example, the screw ups by making gameplay and choices quite non-existent in wow - I do not call circling 2-4 buttons gameplay, especially with the classes losing all of their flavor every expansion (at least they brough buffs partially back).
    There is a reason why Blizz went back on their word and started re-developing vanilla WoW, it is because they have lost a lot of trust and probably quite a significant amount of subs over the last few years. The point being - people like achieving stuff, the feeling of satisfaction when you reach something that only a couple people even tried achieving. There is a reason why sandbox games are on a rise - you are free to build your character, use skills and abilities, as you wish and like.

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    you dont seem to understand people detest for pvp.


    @Jetah then just play how your friend wants and sacrifice your play-style and play demons on your own?, play with the rock lickers when they are online, make demon friends and play with your new awesome stabby friends when they are not


    I think that’s a really interesting idea. Can’t wait to see if it’s implemented.

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    Hmmm.... what if portal travel wasn't instant, but instead (sometimes in the future) it's changed that portal takes you to some dangerous mid-realm, and once you are inside through the first doorway (portal), you have to find another doorway to actually reach your destination.

    And the travel through this mid-realm, until you find second doorway wouldn't be free of dangers.

    This mid-realm transport could occur when some form of magic interfering asteroid is nearby, and instead of directly to your destination, portal sends you to that asteroid, and another doorway to your end destination is positioned somewhere there as well.

    This occurrences could start occasionally over time, happening only sometimes, and down the line in future (with expansion), a huge asteroid could position in the system permanently, featuring a permanent barrier that prevents instant travel, and this asteroid could be large enough to also feature brand new race that lives there.


    @Gothix that sounds ace, i like the idear of being stuck in alternate dimensions, and your new mission is to try escape this new terrifying world


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