Questions on the Knight pledge pack

  • Greetings, I was thinking about purchasing the Knight's Pledge Pack. I had a few questions first:

    1. The knight armor skin and horse was what I was interested in. Can you put the skin on demons and beastmen or only humans? Anyone know what the knight skin looks like?

    2. Can you create a dual wielder with the knight skin? I kind of wanted a knight dual-wielder instead of typical sword and shield. If not, can you wield a two-handed weapon?

    3. The Knight Pack allows access to alpha - 1. Is there an ETA on when this will be? (From my understanding the game is currently in Pre-Alpha if I am not mistaken).

    4. Is the Knight Pack worth it? (pretty much looking for the opinions of the community before I commit 150 bucks)


    1. i assume every armor fits the 3 races.
    2. you can be whatever you want! there are no restrictions at all. battle mage, mage, dual wield mage, etc are possible.
    3. not sure when alpha 1 will be but a search might pull something up.
    4. that's up to you if it's worth it. you could just wait till the game launches in 2-ish years.


    1.) They look like this:

    You can find this here:
    The Pets are also displayed there.

    3.) I think Prometheus said something about the end of March as their new goal for Alpha 1; The ETA has been postponed a few times already though, so who knows when it will actually start 😂


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