One thing I hate about some of the games is how all the items only have one function. for example torches are ONLY used as light source and does nothing else, like setting things on fire. I think that in this game the items should have more than one purpose i.e. torches being used to set things on fire+ lightsource+ heat things.

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    Boots being used to protect your feet from elements and to walk around faster (your feet don't hurt), to kick other players in da butt, for fishing (I've seen it in cartoons) and to put flowers into them and place them on your table in your house.


    Swords could be used as a barbecue broach and helmets as cups for any sort of drink 🙂

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Titans Quest Torches and such did fire damage and caused large areas of dry ground to burn. I loved that. It was cool to set fire to the grasslands to create traps and then toss out electrical spells when they got into the water to run away from the fire. The other game that is doing it is Wolcen, that game should be getting wrapped up soon. I haven't played it in several months but it was looking pretty good. None of them are MMORPGs but done very much in the same style of Fractured. I do hope that things like this are the norm in this game though.


    @mazikar What do you mean when you say should be getting wrapped up soon, have not played that game but is it too late now?


    @thwunk never mind, just had a look on steam and assume you mean it's end of Alpha and transition to beta.


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