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    :: House Pythias ::

    Knowledge is the golden crown; Wisdom, the silver throne

    House Pythias will stand as the first official House in Fractured. A little excited for this, not going to lie. As for what is planned, please take a look down below oooor if you want a too long, don't feel like reading all day. The gist of it is simple: Help one another, travel, learn, build, craft, trade, commit atrocities, love, bake, have a tournament, distill alcohol, and perform regular shenanigans. Okay, so maybe a few things aren't going to be completely on the list.

    Still, fun for both roleplay and serious gaming, this will be a Player versus Everything in the sense of other players and everything that wants to eat you. There will be usual meetings scheduled for the guild concerning the general politics, regulations and maintenance of the guild as a whole.


    Roles following the multiple branches of the House hasn't changed much and remain as:

    • The Laborer's Gathering:: Leader's Title: Quartermaster
      --The foundations of a great guild begin with the tireless labor and stocking of resources. This important and often begrudged duty belongs to the Laborers. Ultimately tasked with logistics, transportation, and obtaining of resources for the guild in the way of ore, wood, hides, and agriculture; they are the cornerstone of the Scholars, without whom would be lost.

    • The Tradesmen Assembly:: Leader's Title: Artisan
      --The next crucial piece of the guild, are the crafters. Plying their trade using the hordes of resources gathered by the Laborers, everyone from blacksmith to woodworkers and any combination of skills craft and provide products of arms, armours, alchemical ingredients, reagents, building materials, furniture, and most importantly, skill books for the guild's many branches. Whether currying favor to spread their name, or earning coin from the Merchant's Enclave, the scholar's aim to have the finest wares available.

    • The Builder's League:: Leader's Title: Architect
      --Another vital piece of the guild puzzle are the ones who lay the stonework and raise mighty fortresses from the earth. They are the Builder's League, ones who will build up our walls and buildings, as well as aid in the logistics in tandem with the Laborers. Mitigating the length and time required to build such town features by utilizing small teams and effiency, the Builders will pride themselves in becoming some of Syndesia's most elite architects and laymen in the world.

    • The Scholar's Legion:: Leader's Title: Judicator
      --The militant branch of the Scholars, the Legion is the sword that knowledge arms itself with when threatened. They are the protectors and trainers of troops, both in player and npc. During times of peace, the barracks are occupied with routine training and preparation, as the overseers ensure steady supply of food and armaments make their way to the hands and stomachs of the defenders of knowledge. They will also be in charge of the oversight of outposts and expedition escorts to ensure safety for the guild and its people.

    • The Merchant Enclave:: Leader's Title: Coin Master
      --Every guild has a treasury, and these coin lords ought to be the most savvy of all. When it comes to goods and services, you can expect to find reasonable prices for exceptional wares. While the guild does not retain a firm hand for the sake of free market economics, there will be guidelines for both guild members and outside trade to prevent stagnation of market goods and ensure a smooth flow of income and trade.

    • *The Sparrowhawks:: Leader's Title: * REDACTED *
      -- Very little shall be retained for purposes of intention. For more information, you must speak with Tirinith directly. (Me.)

    • The Researcher's Retinue:: Leader's Title: Preservator
      -- One of the most important branches in the guild, and perhaps the namesake of it. The Retinue contains the scholars, researchers and lore keepers for the guild. They are the ones who endeavor to find the archaic knowledge, plan expeditions, and provide insight into the worlds and their mysteries. They are also responsible for the training of mages in their spellcraft, and ensure our war mages are fit and trained for the field.

    • The Upper and Lower Eschelons:: Leader's Title: Lord Arcana
      -- The administrative part of the guild, which basically houses all the collective leaders of the other branches and allows group communication and organization. The Upper Eschelon contains the inner circle of leaders, retained by clerical aides to ensure information is kept accurate and relayed cleanly. The Lower Eschelon deals with orchestrating orders, missions, and general practices between the leaders and the different sectors of the guild. Think of them as the secretarial guardians ensuring quality of life and seeing to that any questions or concerns from guild members are made known to the respective leaders.


    Recruitment for all ranks is currently available

    Please post your questions, or applications in the postings below. Be sure to use the discord, which will provide temporary membership until full membership is recognized.


    Q1: Why is this guild setup like a government? I want freedom of choice!
    A1: The reason why the guild is set up this way, is because Fractured is going to be every bit of the definition of MMO. People create politics. They also lead to things such as griefing and raiding which is why I aim for this type of setup. You are naturally entitled to your freedom. This is not a dictatorship by any means, but you have to recognize the benefits and dangers of people given such a large amount of freedom and access to vast resources. If we are not organized, it will be disaster, especially when an enemy guild comes knocking.

    Q2: Okay, so I have freedom, I want to explore and craft and build, and the whole shebang, but why am I being told to do things that I don't want to do?
    A2: Let me make this clear, both here and the guild charter. You are entitled to your freedom. IF you do not want to work and do your own thing, that is fine. BUT! There has to be a modicum of productiveness on some degree.. I don't care if you want to wander around and explore.. or sit and craft.. or drink all day in a tavern, but you have to at least contribute. This is a dynamic mmo, which means its a living world with thousands of people influencing it.. every tiny bit helps, even if you are telling stories at a pub to cheer on your comrades....

    Q3: I understand I have to give a little effort, will I get paid to do so?
    A3: *As I have currently planned for... I aim to have a town, and a working system of democracy. This also means economics and the ability to get paid. You CAN get compensated for what you contribute, at the behest of your generous peers. Even if its simply roleplaying selling bread on the streets, you are doing something, and therefore you will earn what you put in.

    Q4: I want the fame and prestige of being a leader, but I'm not qualified for it, should I still apply?
    A4:The short answer is no, please don't. I don't want to sound like an absolute arrogant peeve about this, but when I say I am recruiting leaders, I'm talking about people who are able to make time to be available for the planned meetings and retain organizational data. I need effort made, and politics assembled for the leadership positions. The guild is only as strong as its weakest link, and if our weakest link is what is supposed to be our heads, we are in deep trouble....

    Q5: Meetings? So this is an actual organization for a game?
    A5: You heard that right. Meetings. I kid thee not when I say I want to be on the ball with this guild, especially since this whole setup is planned for well over a hundred people or more. The branches are in place because the majority of the people should be able to fit into one or more of the roles available. I don't care if you want to play casually, but for those that understand that this game will be partly survival, both pve and pvp and sometimes both at the same time... you have to be somewhat ready to handle the dangers faced.

    That does it for the Intro post for the guild. Anyone wishing to sign up may do so below. Please keep an eye out for messages given on either here in the forum, or in the discord channel below.

    Guild Link:




    ::Guild Message of the day::

    Duh dun duh daaaah! Governor pack acquired! Woooo! That means the Guild officially has a town secured for Alpha Phase I and all future phases too! Not only that, but I'm working (slowly) on the guild charter and naming the town as well.

    Welcome all those observing and wishing to join the guild. Please check out the discord link in the introduction post, as the channels for both general use and the specialized roles have been created and set accordingly.

    Now currently recruiting all positions for leaders, as well as anyone wishing to join the membership. Look to the coming updates for more information about the guild town that is being planned in the town planning forums coming soon!


    ::Guild Charter::

    Revision 2
    This Guild Charter has been redrawn and ratified as of the twenty-fifth of November, thousand eighteen, rewritten in accordance with the redesign of the Scholars of Galvanos into House Pythias. The purpose of this Charter is to state the rules, amendments, sanction outlines and proceedures regarding the rights of the people, the roles of the guild and its members, and the balancing of political powers during times of peace or war.

    Within this document follows the rights and principles of the governing body of House Pythias and those pertaining to its name and membership. It shall fall to the role of the Leadership to provide the Members with the guidance, encouragement, and well-being of the House and to take command during times when the House or its allies are in danger. Equally, it shall be the duty of each Member to act under the authority of the House with dignity, respect, and responsibility.

    The House shall be governed by the hierarchy of its Sectors and the unity of their council with the Lord Arcana. The other members of the Council shall be the Quartmaster of the Laborer's Gathering, the Artisan of the Tradesmen Assembly, the Architect of the Builder's League, the Judicator of the Scholar's Legion, the Coin Master of the Merchant Conclave, and the Preservator of the Researcher's Retinue. Members of the House must specialize in at least one Sector for membership to continue validation, but are not required to attend the regular meetings as the Leadership is required to do.

    In times of Peace, the order of things by which the Leadership shall govern shall pertain to the obtainment of Knowledge, the gathering of resources for the benefit of the Members, and the continuation of improvement of all assets of the House. It shall be the great duty and burden of both the House's Leadership and its Members to ascertain and acquire the means of greatness and to protect it from all who would seek the House's downfall.

    To such an extent, the Leadership is responsible for maintaining the Sectors and Roles through which its strength is drawn from. Each Sector within its own right is not above any other Sector, but equal and shall be treated as such. The only power higher than the majority when undecided is ultimately the Lord Arcana. This is only because it shall be up to the Lord Arcana to maintain the civility and overall health of the House.

    In times of War, which shall only be declared at the discretion of the Lord Arcana or with two-third voting power of the Members; it shall be every Member's duty to answer the call to arms to protect what is theirs and their House. It shall then fall to the Leadership of the House to provide the armaments, armour, and supplies to the Member's defense.


    Section reserved for guild news and minutes posted for current week. All applications may now be posted below at this time. Thank you.


    Getting alot of views in this thread, so I'm just gonna say, hi and welcome. Come on in and ask a question or two!


    Wow, almost 100 views now. Cmon.... ya know you wanna post in here!


    Still looking for leadership positions. Getting close to that governor pack.. going to have a town sooooon!


    Woo! Got that governor pack. Now just needing some friends 😛


    Crunch time is here. Pre-alpha has been declared.. only a short time before alpha phase 1 goes live! I call upon the able bodied, sharp of wit, and tic of tac to join me under House Pythias!


    Still lurking about with hopeful holiday cheer. Surely, there'd be some people wanting to join up with me?


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