The Wolf's Pact


    What do you seek in such a place? Protection? Or is it something way worse? Do not worry, you can speak freely, there are no unwanted ears down here. Or are you scared that we might betray you? We don't hurt ones that need us the most and pay us accordingly, bad for business, you know. Or am I completely wrong? Are you but a cub, looking for a new pack? If blood of a true predator runs in your veins, so be it. Prove yourself to be stronger than others and get the coin you deserve. But above all be loyal to the pack and it's customers, don't take our trust for granted, We don't usually deal with personal stuff, but when it does get personal, prepare for bad thing that will happen.

    The Wolf's Pact is a mercenary-type guild where strength is being recognized and rewarded. We are dealing with any type of dirty or not so work other guilds and individuals provide us with. Our main focus is PvP but some contracts may require to eleminate PvE threats. Most of the contracts are being devided between each of pack's beta's groups. It doesn't mean however that we won't participate in any events or guild wars, it's quiet likely to happen one day.

    For the time being the guild will be restricted to human players only, but expect it to change as soon as the guild system is reworked. If you just like me are enthusiastic for the game and this kind of guild you are welcome to join, everyone will be accepted.

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