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    Good Day Folks

    This post is a simple reminder on our part to let the newer members and those who are undecided to know that our Guild "The Shadow Empire" is still here and going on strong.

    We are seeking talented individuals who simply love the game or who like to resource gather or hunt against monsters and fellow players alike. We have many positions here and we are also welcoming those who feel they have the proper maturity levels to help in our leadership caste or become raid or party leaders as well.

    We are quite organized and structured but we would also welcome any new ideas for helpful change in our community here should you wish to speak with us about such matters.

    We are doing all of the 3 races of course so if you wish to join us then for now/please make a human hero character and submit a join request. The forum site here only allows 1 race per guild but we are doing all 3 so do not worry.

    Our discord is up and working and we have the Nitro Upgrades for it as well.

    Come join our discord and talk with our crew. We are also playing other games as well and have a weekly D&D Game going on as well. We are working very hard to socialize with one another so we can build a community where we all know one another very well so when the game launches we have each player fit into their desired role within the guild and to ensure that they have a good time playing the game with us.


    Message Vyr Vandalous or Humerus or any officer for that matter in "General Chat" and once you join us we will extend access to you for the main server where all our members are at.

    Cheers and see you in game!~

    Vyr Vandalous
    Guild Leader
    The Shadow Empire


    The Shadow Empire Guild Is Recruiting!. We are currently Ranked #1 on the Leaderboards. We are highly organized but we still have managed to offer flexibility and unique rolls for our members herein. We are involved in All of the 3 races and all aspects that the game has to offer. If you wish to join our guild please do so at: (Create a Human Hero For Now) To join the Guild's Roster but later play whatever race you so wish. You can also join our discord here at: . We have Military Gamer Veterans in our guild and hardcore PvP'ers.. as well as Crafters, Gatherers and Various Ex-Guild Leaders in our officer's Ranks to help co-ordinate our many ventures in-game upon launch. If you are a Team Player and wish a strong community then come pay us a visit. Note* Your Discord access will be limited until we approve your membership so please be patient and wait in the starter channel until an officer can review your application. Thank-You. Vyr Vandalous: Guild Leader Of "The Shadow Empire"

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    interested in joining longtime albion online player from alpha my exp there should help make my transition easier. i am alpha 2 test 1 keyholder so will be ready on 20th to go hard and find that grove within the guild to help out as best i can. looking forward to hearing back from you have a great day thanks for your time....


    Awesome! Sending you a PM with a link to our Discord. I'll be around today to chat if you have any questions.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    thanks fallen got it and joined discord looking forward to chating and learning the awesome game of fractured


    The Empire is Recruiting.

    Join us on Discord:

    We are friendly and helpful and have plans for when the game comes out. You can read about us by viewing some of the above posts.

    Hope to see you soon amongst our ranks!



    Thanks for the invite, here's to a great future in Fractured.

  • Lfg , 36 , currently grinding nothing , will pick up a founder pack eventually


    You got plenty of time to get a founder's pack 🙂 If anyone else is interested in joining I recommend you jump in on Discord.

    The guild often hits up random games while we wait for Fractured


    Actually you don't even have to own the game in order join us, you can still be a part o the community and a member of The Shadow Empire as long as you might be buying the game in the future. 😄


    Yeah, you can just chat with us on our discord in the meantime 😉

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