Bug Report for 6/22/2023's Test


    This one's a bit late, due to unforeseen issues with my PC making my notes inaccessible, and hopefully—probably surely at this point—most of the bugs I documented at that time were resolved.

    In case some or a few weren't, here's my list along with a few suggestions at the very end:

    Bugs Discovered

    • Terra's map lacks names for locations of interest like Aerhen once did.
    • Bandages have a leftover visual from when they used to directly heal. ("+0")
    • Enemies still get stuck after being rooted by a spell like Entangling Web or Sprouting Pulse until their target moves, until they use a buff, or until they're afflicted with a debuff that also affects movement.
    • Descriptions of all backgrounds are that of the Commander's in character creation.
    • Descriptions of all abilities are that of Fireball's in character creation.
    • Headdresses no longer list what attributes they increase with the new tooltips.
    • Elevation of some Grokoton Camps with platforms are too high or aren't low enough to allow the stairs to touch the ground for pathing.
    • Every tooltip for an ability that references CON (Constitution) has it misspelled as "COS".
    • Clicking on a dead enemy will sometimes not open up their inventory until approximately three seconds pass and occasionally only when the character is moved. (This may be intentional due to their death animations.)
    • Frenzy's description has a misspelled word before "attack and movement speed". ("you" which is supposed to be "your".)
    • Intimidate's description has two misspelled words. ("unleas" and "terrifing")
    • The health bar still shows upon invisible/stealthed enemies if they were damaged prior. (I don't know if this also happens to players.)
    • Several tooltips' descriptions have "MagicalProperties" and "PhysicalProperties" without a space between those two words.
    • Many enemies are spawning inside of terrain such as like trees and rocks.
    • Every Word of Power spell has the word before "a single purpose" misspelled. ("carring")
    • The arrow enchantment spells seem to only partition mana rather than consume mana per shot. (I'm unsure if this is because of my attack speed and mana regeneration.)
    • Actions that would normally toggle off toggleable abilities and put them on cooldown, such as mounting, do not consistently nor properly do so.
    • Actions that would normally toggle off toggleable abilities and put them on cooldown, such as mounting, that are currently on will sometimes cause them to stay toggled on but not continue their effects until they're toggled off then back on. (This was tested with Double Shot and Burning Arrows.)
    • If a character's mana depletes with a MRR (mana regeneration rate)-partitioning toggleable ability left on, that ability will glitch the character's MRR—strangely depending on where they move—until they relog. (Glitch as in it will bounce between their original MRR and the partitioned MRR when they move to certain locations or possibly where they activated the ability. This was tested with Globe of Spell Protection.)
    • Arboreans are able to change their alignment to neutral on Arboreus, which should not be possible unless they are on a different planet, but they cannot change back their alignment back to good unless they use a starter town's statue. (This bug was previously reported by many during the previous Early Access.)
    • Bandit Marauders animate using Blinding Dust at the incorrect range which results in nothing happening.
    • Bandit Marauders don't use Whirlwind. (I'm unsure if being surrounded by multiple enemies in melee range is a requirement for them to use it.)
    • The VFX for Blinding Dust does not appear when Bandit Thugs use it.
    • Ogre Druids and Witches animate their basic attacks but nothing happens when they do unless you get really close to them. (It sounds as if their basic attacks' projectiles are colliding with something before they can soar, but it seems like this only happens to them in certain locations.)
    • None of the enemies' basic attacks with an innate element are applying their elemental stacks despite their VFX.
    • Some humanoid (or just human) NPCs tend to slide instead of using their walking/jogging/running animations when combat is initiated with them. (This seems to occasionally occur after they use a channeled ability or when attacked during one of their new idle animations.)
    • VFX for abilities that activated will sometimes not appear around a NPC which makes knowing if they have it activated or not impossible until attacked. (I.e., Protection from Fire, Globe of Spell Protection.)
    • The effects of abilities like Verdant Regrowth do not persist when mounted yet the effects of bandages do. (Could be intentional, but it seems strange.)
    • VFX from abilities like Charge give away the position of invisible/stealth entities.
    • Mount cannot be summoned after it dies to either damage over time or too much damage. (Unequipping then reequipping sometimes fixing it, but it requires a relog to fix when it doesn't. This is a reoccuring bug from the previous test.)
    • Atrophy Wave's description has a misspelled word before "energy". ("psyonic" which is supposed to be "psionic".)
    • Some NPCs do not move nor react when approached and attacked. (This seems to only randomly happen with docile NPCs that normally flee when approached. Sometimes, they react like they plan to move when attacked, but attacking them somehow glitches them.)


    • Ability to lock the hotbar to prevent accidentally dragging off abilities when kiting or simply moving about.
    • On-screen guidance (sparkling trails, pointers or highlighting for buttons that need to be clicked, and so on) for Tutorial Island's quests for those that have trouble reading or following instructions. I still see a lot of people asking questions for what was already explained on Tutorial Island and in the 'Journey' window.
    • An unstuck command that teleports a player to the nearest open space, or where they bound themselves, after a thirty seconds or a minute passes without acting nor moving once per day. If they act or move, it should have a cooldown of the same amount of time it takes for it to teleport them.
    • Relocate needs readjusting because it is too good of an escape ability, too good of a gap closer, and quite good at kiting with enough INT investment to manage the cooldown per charge which somewhat trivializes other mobilities such as Battle Jump and Lightning Dash. (The formula for the charges could be readjusted, the spell could trigger a global cooldown for every ability on the bar that is not Relocate, or the spell could increase its mana consumption per charge used in rapid succession.)
    • Pyromancy's damage and the 'Burning' status effect needs readjustment. (They seem to deal much more damage than they did last test, which is understandable since fire is typically the hard-hitting element compared to the other three/six, but it is currently overtuned.)

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