Bug Fixes – September 19, 2022

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    Hi everyone,

    we have a new bugfix patch for you today! This post also includes the log for the hotfix patch released on Sunday, which was disclosed on Discord only.

    1. Today’s Patch
    The main purpose of this patch is to fix an item dupe bug which was reported to us yesterday by a player (thank you!). Sadly, a small group of players decided to exploit it instead of reporting it. The accounts of the culprits, which were most likely doing it for (future) gold selling, have been banned, and all the duped gold has been removed.

    Adding to the above, we have fixed the following critical bugs:

    – In-game attribute respecs (from the Character menu) now work correctly and no longer cause players to “lose” attributes. The “last respec” has been reset for all characters, so if you were affected, you can respec immediately and regain all your attributes.
    – Marketplaces on Terra are now fully functional.
    – Crop fields on Terra now have the correct fertility instead of 0%.

    2. Sunday Patch
    In Sunday’s patch, we released a new iteration of the service failing due to load, whose failure was causing the following issues (among many others):

    – Failure to create and invite people to guilds, parties, groups of settlers.
    – The global chat not showing, and messages not being sent.
    – Failure to be registered as citizens of a city or be promoted / demoted / kicked.
    – Failure to use harbors.

    After the patch, the service has proven to be stable, so all these issues are finally gone!

    Adding to the above, we took the chance to fix two other major bugs:

    – Horses on Terra, which spawned only in the Bandit camps, now spawn in the jungle as well (by design, only in the South/Western half of the planet).
    – Mineral deposits on Aerhen, which were accidentally not included in the first world build, are back.


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