Fractured Online Roadmap to Launch!

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    Hello adventurers!
    The Fractured Online roadmap is now available!
    Come and take a look at what you can expect until launch!

    Read the roadmap here!

  • Adoring this, hopefully development for the dev's goes smoothly.

    Keep up the great work.

  • It looks like it will be a busy year for you all but I am very excited!


    I didnt see recipes mentioned 😄


    it looks really good, can't wait to try demon !

  • Sorry, I'm really not the kind of guy that loves to complain - and as stated in the beta feedback thread started by me I really love the game so far and totally understand that there are bugs, and issues, and so one... but:

    As someone who supervises the creation and execution of roadmaps for a living I have to admint, that this is easily the worst and most vague roadmap I have ever seen - every first year analyst in my team could do this better and more in-depth...

    If you are giving us a roadmap the roadmap must contain more then some SCRUM epics crunched together on an extremely vague timeline - and it should at least contain your high priority backlog items which, I hope, will be done in the next few sprints like fixing some of the core contend which is currently missing; I guess that is what players are looking for.. and not some already announced stuff thrown at a random timetable which is - as far as my experience goes - more or less unreliable in an agile ecosystem like software development.

  • Thanks for the roadmap!
    Wasn't that big or too specific tho, but I guess development can be rather unpredicting at times.

    See you during summer sometime then, with the launch of wildfolks 😛


    Sweet 😉


    First off, where is that 'major expansion to crafting'? Does that refer to recipes and having to grind items to craft items, which you then throw away, in order to advance in mastery (when Fractured was supposed to be about not having to grind)?

    As for the roadmap, it's very... optimistic.
    Creating the last continent took 5 month and you now expect to release one every month, while working on some of the most complex systems (new races).
    Not to mention that the backend migration from the legacy GDK to zeus isn't mentioned, but isn't likely to simply go smooth in a day or two either.

    And what about the labyrinth, the lich transformation, taming, fishing, asteroids...


    And lets not forget that Aerhen was released completely lacking in basic amenites.

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