Collected Bugs


    I will use this Thread to update my bugs i find along this alpha.
    I discovered following bugs so far:

    1. Flying Objects:

    2. Missing Bridge and so cant walk over it into city (Texture Loading Problem i guess)

    3. Skills sometimes not activate when fighting

    When fighting with staff attack and then want use skill sometimes the skill dont activate. Also the standard attack sometimes makes animation of attack but dont fire a projectile and dont do any dmg...

    4. Mana dont gets refilled on campfire

    When resting at fire only life gets full but mana get only 100 points. So mage now cant refresh his manapool on fire and have to wait minutes after fighting 2-3 monsters with his skills.

    5. Crafting Food on Campfire dont work

    When crafting food on campfire the crafting bar shows you are working but you will not get any food.

    6. Skill Striking Wounds buged or wrong skill description


    The skill seems only working with melee weapons but the description say Weapon Weight Light / Medium so it should also work with staff!

    7. Skill Bloodlust description wrong or buged


    The skill says that when activated you get 15% of health from basic attack damage, but its not working instead you only heal when the enemy has the status bleeding on himself. That should be better described.

    8. SkillBurning Arrows wrong description


    In description spell channeling weapons allowed but the skill is not activateable with them.

    9. Fox Tail Amulet gem socketing dont work

    When putting the amulet into the socketing table it dont stays there so socketing the amulet are not possible now.

    10. NPC get stuck when using Skill Net Trap

    When using the skill Net Trap sometimes the npc get stuck. (Very often: Forest Troll, Bandits)

    11. Skill Recharge dont work at charakter login

    When Loging in Skills that have Charges (Minor Healing, Relocate) dont Recharge themself. You have to use the skill one time to trigger the loading of the other charges.

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    @Ignator said in Collected Bugs:

    1. Skills sometimes not activate when fighting

    Which skill isn't activating? Also, what is the situation...have you closed to melee range with your foe (If so, some magic skills won't activate when equiped with a staff, the staff attack overriding the skill, which disrupts the casting, I think)

    1. Missing Bridge:
      Are you sure there is supposed to be a bridge there? Sometimes, the game wants you to walk around to approach from a different area on the map, and cliffs like are near that water are part of what is used to obstruct. Did you see a bridge there before and have it disappear on you? (My sister had that happen, which is an Asset Load issue)

    2. This may be intentional, so as to get mages to do things like turn off Mage Armor when it isn't being used, but I feel your frustration. They also took away the faster mana regen talents from the Intelligence arm of the Talent Tree


    There was a bridge for me, yesterday I was running in this area with other mage and he was laughing that I'm flying. But for me there was a bridge, for him not.

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    @smougie said in Collected Bugs:

    There was a bridge for me, yesterday I was running in this area with other mage and he was laughing that I'm flying. But for me there was a bridge, for him not.

    Then definitely an Asset handling bug. You'll want to @Prometheus this, but of course, I just did that


    Updated the bug report!

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