Lesson 2 | Griefing ("Trolling") meaning

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    Griefing (also known as "trolling") refers to the act of a player ruining the gaming experience of another player on purpose. The most obvious form of griefing is constant stalking of a player, by either following him or her for no reason, constant duel challenges, whispering useless messages, repeatedly sending them invitations after they decline, etc.

    General griefing

    • Ninja looting.
    • Harassing, mocking, insulting players or gamemasters.
    • Scamming, i.e. fooling others by pretending something that is actually not happening.

    PvP griefing

    • Bluewalling
    • Graveyard camping
    • Ganking - Not considered griefing on servers designated as "PvP"
    • Kill stealing
    • PKing repeatedly
    • Twinking
    • Training mobs


    A griefer (also known as a "troll") is almost always one who PKs or trains mobs to other characters, but the term includes any activity specifically designed to hamper another player's gameplay, progress, or fun.

    Griefing can also be harassment which can result in disciplinary action for a player.


    The fact that a player does not follow etiquettes or breaking laws in the real world does not necessarily mean that he or she griefs other players. Griefing is generally always relative and is subject to someone's decision, rather than a granted thing. It is always preferable to let the person know that what they're doing is wrong before considering them potential griefers.

    Griefing is not to be confused with exploiting but in some cases thereof more than just a group of players have their gaming process stifled. Also, unlike griefing, exploiting is the only thing that can be addressed by the GMs.

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    Lesson 2 | Griefing ("Trolling") meaning

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  • TF#6 - Diplomat

    The usual Griefer does not care about the real feelings of other player due to the supposed anonymity of the internet. The Griefer thinks it his/her fun of being online and if he/she gets some response he/she got the goal.
    Best way to handle them is to ignore them.
    I know how hard it is to ignore griefers, but if you start to response it will just go more worse.


    Anti-Griefing mechnisms might not be popular with the griefers, but without them the game might stay very niche.
    A good balance would be nice, thoug.




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