Racial abilities

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    As was written in post with races, have demons blood (vampires), there is access to magic blood. From this we can conclude that this sub-race will "private school". If this is true, then I can assume that it is completely hidden, that is, initially it is not even in the skills of students, it will open after the fulfillment of certain conditions. Suppose to open this school we need to pump at least 6 skills in the talent tree, we must learn 4 spells in the school of ILLUSIONISM, NECROMANCY, CONJURATION and ENCHANTING possible. Thus, in the choice of schools, we will open a new school, the icon of which we have not even seen. This mechanic will apply to most sub-races with special characteristics. Let's say a HELLFIRE DEMONS is a school of Hellfire, Druids can only be NHEEDRA (BEAR-KIN), HUMANS can add a school of deity( something like the abilities of paladins in MMO) and many more. But as I understand it, we are unlikely to see this mechanics in the game. What do you think of that❓
    Once again I apologize for creating threads, which will interfere with the balance of the game😂

  • TF#7 - Ambassador

    Personally, I would prefer a more complicated conditions. we do not know how hard it will be to get the abilities of different schools, but I liked this topic.


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