Guild Recruitment Request: Base Location or Time Zone


    Hi guys! Some of y'all are already doing this, but it would be great if it were more consistent.

    Best guild play experience is when folks can actually play together. Knowing where the guild is based would be very helpful for new players seeking a group available to play when they are, right?

    Wanna suggest posters in this thread tag their subject line w your Guild's base location (e.g. W-EU, E-NA) or w a Time Zone (e.g. GMT+3). It would help a lot!

    If your guild is large enough to have members worldwide, that's awesome! Let folks know that too.

    I love my Meridian guildies, but I also have one eye open for a copacetic crew forming on the US West Coast or thereabouts. The EU teams are already sleepy by the time I can log on 😴


    Hmm, thats a good idea


    I like this idea also!

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