Fractured Sprint 13/15 Recap (Feb 05, 2018)


    @alecrocks said in Fractured Sprint 13/15 Recap (Feb 05, 2018):

    With the new computer hardware evolving as the development of Fractured takes places, the creation/upgrading of graphic rendering and stuff like that, will the game rely only in exclusive mechanics/lore/rules to compete with more visually attractive (ex. More hardware intensive) games on the market?

    You don't necessarily need high hardware requirements for an aesthetically attractive game. Guild Wars 1 is 13 years old but has its moments where it still looks great. Examples: 1 2 3 4 5 6




    Indeed, there's some limitations to how good older games look, but even relatively low end hardware in use currently (outside business, which still has 60s tech some places) will allow for pretty solid graphics.

    There's plenty of games which run with graphics not that much better than GW1 or Gothic3, and which do well. Gameplay is >>>>> graphics. As long as they keep it within so many years of video cards, they will have far better options than the tech those games used. For reference, the video cards of that era (top end) were the 7900 series for Nvidia, and the 1900 series for AMD.

    Those are 500 MB cards with similarly tiny bus and memory clock speeds compared to even video cards you can grab for $40 bucks today.

    Yes, those games look dated, but not terrible like trying to play some old titles. Used for reference since those are the best 3d minimum viable graphics titles I can think of.


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