• TF#10 - CONSUL

    Lonely Wanderer in the gloaming
    Neath the sky all blood a'foaming
    Heard the night-winds start to moaning
    Of a Singer and a Song
    Begging cause of all their wailing
    Keening airs turned still and failing
    Till one whispered "Ask no taleing
    For His name is much too long

    Oh we fear His blood and breeding
    And his passage all unheeding
    Of the charms his voice is seeding
    And the grip of it is strong"
    In the wake of breezes parting
    Came the strains of echoes starting
    Through the night all bright and darting
    Rose the shimmer of a song

    It sang of hidden things and hiding
    Of the shattered bond and binding
    Of the seeking and the finding
    Of the bright and yellow gold
    Of ancient guards and warding
    Of the Dragon and its hoarding
    Of Heroic kings a-lording
    And the fame of They the Bold

    Weary, Wanderer no more seeming
    Raised up eyes alight and gleaming
    With the vision of the dreaming
    And with blood turned all to flame
    Setting forth, for glory yearning
    Seeking deeds for courage burning
    Fortunes hand to call to turning
    And the winning of a Name

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Mythopoeia is a guild for those who seek to explore their world, and to shape it.
    I would like to see Mythopoeia allied with other guilds that also seek adventure, crafting and trade: an alliance of cities within whose walls any player might find rest and allies with whom to share their quest.

    As Fractured allows only citizens of a city to utilise that city's resources, and as Mythopoeia has yet to grown very large; I hope to find other guilds who also wish to create a region in which players can mine, farm, craft and feel safe from those who would take their lives goods.

    That being said, this alliance would also be a base from which players could head out into the wilds of this Fractured world; a group of allies to adventure with.
    Some players want to battle monsters, and explore, others desire safety in which to harvest resources and shape them. Mythopoeia seeks to join players with differing play styles, to allow guild members to do all these things: craftsmen to supply the warriors; warriors to defend the workers; miners and farmers to sustain the city and its people, and, whenever a player wishes to change their role, others are there to cover for their lacks, as they do for them.

    Mythopoeia is for the player who wants to fight monsters, or hunt criminals, but doesn't want to spend time crafting equipment. For the player who wants to mine and farm and craft but always seems to get killed and looted by other players. For the player that wants to explore the world and harvest ingredients but has trouble getting through the monsters.

    While this guild is primarily for PVE, it is my desire that when an evil player commits a crime, and a stranger happens along bearing the name Mythopoeia, that player feels fear. Yet when any player, even the most evil, is sorely pressed by monsters, Mythopoeia is a friend.
    I do not intend this guild to punish others, but neither do I wish to turn a blind eye; even criminals may seek succour within its walls, as may any other, provided they do no wrong while there.
    I leave it to the judgement of its members their response to the deeds of other players, whether to act or to leave judgement to another, yet I would not have it said that Mythopoeia allows wrongdoing.
    Any player may forge their own character, and while I do not condone the actions of criminals, where would be the watchman without the thief? In the same line, where would be the pillager without the city and its workers?

    We welcome the criminal, as we welcome the man who hunts him; and neither may do harm within our walls.

    If you seek safety, our doors are open; if aid, our arms are yours. We will walk the lonely road with the assassin and trust as brother the thief. We will stand together against the hordes with demon, beast and man; we guard the back of the stranger, and turn none away, though they have done great evil.

    Yet watch your hand, who seeks wrongdoing.

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