City Decaying question and a couple of others


    If a city decays because of upkeep, do the houses in that city poof as well? If you have chests, etc. and the governor just abandons the city, all of your storage is gone? Curious.
    If chain and plate are the same to make, why would anyone use chain? There aren't any penalties for it are there?
    I'd like to enchant health on an item, I put in the ingredients which also happen to be mana and BAM, my fighter just gained intelligence. Anyway to "pick" the enchant or just pray to the enchant gods?
    If I am not a citizen of a town, there is no way to make an ingot so I can have a weapon, is that correct? At least, I should say, a weapon that isn't a beginner weapon.
    Is there any talk of autorun? My wrist literally hurts from holding down the mouse button for the length of time it takes to run the map.
    The carts/storage: I understand the realism for unloading the carts into a storage or when building, etc. but if you have the cart and you are parked by the building or storage facility, wouldn't it be a bit more realistic to unload all at once? I could turn my cart upside down in that time! Also, with that same topic in mind, I'm so sick of offloading a cart and clicking "turn" instead...I may just bounce my keyboard across the wall the next time that happens.
    Thanks for listening, any help appreciated!
    Much love for the game! Bring on the constant servers!


    1. Yes, everything within the city borders turns to ruins, best if you a stuck with an afk mayor is take everything that isn't nailed down with you. Mayor elections/firing should be coming next test
    2. I agree, chain has mildly more slashing defence apparently, but full plate has way more piercing and crushing defense. Right now Chain is underpowered
    3. You can choose different regeants to narrow down the possibilities. Right now I can do many T2 enchants narrowed to one option. Other than that pray to rng
    4. Yeah citizens can only use the blacksmith. You could use a public chest and pay with gold, thats what I did to some new players that did not want to join my city
    5. One of the most requested QOL features. Should be coming next test if the devs know what to do.
    6. Another highly requested QOL feature. Quickly unloading the cart into a facility should be common sense, but right now they want to make sure the blacksmith works before trying anything advanced.


    @MorganReed Thanks for the info!

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