Feedback 11/17/2020


    My name is Michael, I have played many types of these games with the survival aspect and pvp thrown in. From Rust, Albion, Wild Terra Wild Lands 2, New World (Way before the PvE change of direction), and many more that just flopped.

    I been playing through out this test phase and I can say the PvE is well done, I feel as there is a threat from the combat hotspots until a certain point, which than I learned about "The Legends" coming into the game for higher geared end game farming, which is really cool.

    I played this game in a couple different versions, before cities and now with cities. I get why you would put the main resources behind cities but that also puts solo, small groups out of the race, that is unless they want to farm up the coin and be able to keep buying weapons from others. There should be open world spots that you can get Iron/Copper and so on... With that being said, owning a plot of land with a certain type of resource would still give an advantage to those cities.

    This games PvP is going to make or break it for me, either its going to be great or its going to fall short. I havent farmed up many skills in the game but from what I have gotten so far the skills are just meh. Where are the skills shots, Charge, and other abilities that just not a toggle and right click. Thats the other thing that really bothers me. Having to toggle between skills. Why not just have them on the bar like you have it but have it use the ability when press with a active target and if not in range the move to range. Example and I dont play all that often but no charge ability and use it for a gap closer or an escape?

    There is a lot off man this could be a lot more fun with a more active skill base game.
    This is just my honest opinion and thought process of the game so far..

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