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    Silver in Alpine right now for 65 (may lower it). Over 400 units.. while we are discussing it (I’ll create another bug post too) whenever I try to deposit stone it never sees the full amount in cart so I can only deposit a few at a time. Ore resources seem to work as intended

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    @Blectorn even tho i dont like sort of magical patch influance in game mechanic but i like your idea. it can be justifide like a corruption of officials who stolen money and melt them into golden nuggets and sold on a blackmarket to tribe of golblins or theft in a budget by criminals like a bank robbery or something who also then sold this gold to other people who become zombie and skeletons. that good narrative.

    but also in such system merchants and regular people will be collecting their golden coins in banks, cos coins must have stucks and waight. so they will try to keep their gold in a banks of different cities. so if city will degrade they loose % of their gold due to mechanic you suggested. but not 10% its too many but maybe 1% or 0.5% of all people bank deposits goten stolen by officials. this will make investors paniced and withdraw all they mony and put in a different citybank.
    or maybe bigger city means a bigger bank so if city degrade then bank get smaller and randome slots are disapeared which can contain gold, coins or and other valuable goods.
    anyway i like this idea. it has potential.


    @Blectorn this would feed into the problem of monopolizing cities. If the larger guilds controlled all the gold nodes they would control all the sources of cash in the game.

    As far as multiple currencies go I would look at Escape from Tarkov as a perfect example of how it does jack shit. Everything devolves into a comparison to the "base" currency and we go from there. If it is not a currency then it is some resource or item that is plentiful enough and valuable enough to replace it (think POE and the different "currencies").

    The main issue atm is that the only "sink" for gold is town upkeep ... and ofc dying with all your cash on you but i think that is another story.

    Personally I would like to see gold costs added to buildings for upkeep and such which would feed into the cities treasury and thus make it so that govs and vice-govs didn't have to mindlessly just feed money into it. This would also allow for a more healthy group cooperation in cities where everyone is contributing to the greater whole.

    I have already mentioned this as well in a different post, and will probably make a more detailed post later down the line, but a system of permissions on crafting stations and refining stations could allow for "use" costs to be applied to them to which would feed into the city coffers, and then this money would pay out to those people that are generating feed-bags and bringing in metal-ore etc etc.

    @Blectorn said in Please fill up your Trading Posts!:

    If you go down, you lose 10% of your gold coins.This gold is magically distributed to the mobs.

    This just seems like a bad idea that would benefit groups and punish solos, and also would this only be when you are dead dead or even when you get knocked down !? Either way not a great idea I would say.

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    @vedran625 said in Please fill up your Trading Posts!:

    @Blectorn this would feed into the problem of monopolizing cities. If the larger guilds controlled all the gold nodes they would control all the sources of cash in the game.

    sorry i havent read futher but i have to disagree on this one first. Where do you see real world countries with ground full of gold controling world economy? its very simple thinking. gold is just just rare substance represent money. money however can be made out of silver copper or iron.its up to cities to deside what to use. golden standart is used to make money more rare. something has value by itself. Does iron has value??? of course!!! maybe even more then gold in some sence. u can craft good weapon out of it. gold is just more rare. its a fake reality where 1 silver cost 100 copper and 1 gold cost 100 silver. reality is diffrent. in relity you can print money of of everything but gold is just a material with low % presence in a world and which cannot be faked. if usd would be easy to fake then it would cost as toilet paper. so city of gold technically can be rich yes, like arabic emirates are with a oil but you can buy of all gold of that city with your silver coins as they are as strong cos u have a strong economy. you buy off all gold and then print your money out of this gold and implement your own golden standart. gold cant be the only metal to produce coins

    technicaly we could make money out if animal skin by drawing your logo on it. but do you realy want to pay for city upkeep with skin? no its not fair cos skin cost nothing. but if we, say, make governors pay for city upkee with coins made out of pesiouse metals (like 100 sunsteel coins for 59 level of city) this way we implement new rare currency in the world.

    the only thing i think should be fixed is the printing and paying straight away. it should not be the case. once money are printed they cannot be used as a money to day by day expensis. money must be put throught economical mambraine and only then when they came back be used to pay your expensis. to achive that you gotta use other city money to pay your bills. to get these money you gotta trade with some other city to and make them want your coins. once they got your coins then you have to sell them something for your coins which they have to get them back to you, and only then your own money have value for you. this is the way of how money going through ecenomic and get value. But you cant just print millions and millions of money and pay them all your bills. if it would work then every idiot could just to declair his houe a country and start to print hiw own money and pay his bills with them. well its still possible but only if your money are needed like a bitcoins for instance. so they must be put through this cicle first.
    that how game economy will work perfectly.

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