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    So, now that things are starting to click, I'd like to suggest a few ideas.

    Combat and KP: Once you have finished a particular mob like bears, wolves, etc. I think it would still be good to give SOME points for killing them. The reason is simple, because once you get nothing from them, they become annoying and no longer any fun.

    Mouseover Items: When I got diseased and was looking for remedy herbs, I can't tell you how many times I had to get off my horse, run to something and pick up celery or carrots instead of bitterleaf. Perhaps having a tooltip over items would better help for that. Same goes for stats on the character sheet. It was suggested before that not everyone knows what each of those things are, so perhaps a tool tip with a brief definition. IE - Strength - when you hover over it, it says carrying weight, damage. I dunno, I'm not creative.

    Pathing: Whether it's in your house, near a hill, etc. the pathing needs to be addressed. It really is bad during combat. I don't really want to gather twigs as some elemental is beating my ass.

    Enchanting: If enchanting from a home, it would be nice that you could select the items from your chest using the enchanting table. Also, when looking at the items needed per enchant, hovering tool tips would be great. "Mind" - Mandrake root, brains, etc. You know what I mean.

    I'm really loving the game, more than I ever have for any alpha or beta out there. Reminds me of '97 when I stepped into UO the first time. You guys are doing amazing. Side note, LOVE the depth of different woods, metals, etc. Thank you for your time.

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