*PIOUS* NA GOOD Aligned Guild Human World


    Hey all,

    I am recruiting for a good aligned guild like I mentioned above. I have lead many guilds since the UO days. The guild name is usually Pious Sodality or Pious (Easy Company in Planetside 2).

    Here are some bullets:

    • We will PVX! I love PvP so if you join, please don't be a shy about it.
    • We will be one of the "good guys" or "goodie two shoes" guilds in the Human world.
    • PG13 Discord (stay away from FBombs and very crude humor) used for grouping.
    • Community styled guild where we help each other with grouping, knowledge and so on.
    • 50-100 members.
    • Active membership! The time frame for inactivity is around 1-2 weeks unless notified. Returning players are MORE than welcome to rejoin us.
    • I police the guild's rules to make sure we stay consistent with my vision on how a guild should be.
    • Grouping is not mandatory all the time. That being said, pure solo players shouldn't join this guild.

    Just send a message if interested, post here or search Pious in the guild section. I like to gather up some cool people. That's the point of an MMO after all.



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